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Oxford Graduate >8 years experience in Science and maths First Lesson FREE

7 years of tutoring experience offering my first lesson absolutely free. I give the tutoring according to student needs and capabilities. I give students the work plan to reach A grades. I tutor Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths from KS2 upto A-levels.

1st lesson offered free !

A MSc graduate offering biology, chemistry, physics and maths tuition in London

Trying to utilise my knowledge and teaching resources to explain the topic in detail, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Peasedown Saint John
1st lesson offered free !

PhD Fellow in Bath offering biology lessons to students of all ages

I currently teach KS2 secondary school children, with whom I like to take a practical approach to teaching. I feel that getting children to do things - or even think about things they do - can help lessons stick. With undergraduate students, I feel that breaking down complex concepts into stories and smaller chunks really works well.

1st lesson offered free !

First Class Biology Graduate Available To Flexibly Tutor In And Around Brighton

I aim to give a holistic view of the subject. I'll help you understand how the different parts of the biology jigsaw fit together. This will give you a deep appreciation of the subject and undoubtedly give you unique talking points for use in extended answer questions. I feel I will add the most value to students sitting their GCSEs or A-levels.

1st lesson offered free !

Environmental Biology graduate with a 1st class (Hons) from the University of Leeds, previous tutoring and mentoring experience, and level 2 and 3 academic awards

It's hard to exactly describe what teaching methodology I would use with you individually, as I tend to craft my lessons to individual personality, learning style, and academic needs.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Pharmacy graduate with three years teaching experience, offering biology lessons in London.

My teaching style is more of a facilitator as I aid in the learning process by providing information and offering feedback to facilitate critical thinking. Science is vast and so should be one's knowledge and desire to explore every bit of it. Concepts should be clear and I will help you understand the complex topics and master the easy ones.

1st lesson offered free !

Marine Biology student offering lessons in various subjects of biology at GCSE level.

My teaching method is very interactive and I try to engage my students as much as possible and allow them to become interested in and passionate about the classes i give. I will often have work sheets and homework available.

1st lesson offered free !

pursuing Ph.D. in (Neuropharmacology) offering Biomedical and biotechnology up to university level in Leicester

I approach each topic or chapter so make sure student understand. I teach undergrad and school students. I teach especially subjects cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, bioinformatics, fermentation, molecular biology and animal and plant tissue culture.

1st lesson offered free !

Master graduate in Genetics teaching students or any interested in Biology subjects

The classes are oriented to students of specific topics of Genetics, Molecular Biology or Evolutionary Biology. On the other hand, to anyone interested in general topics of Biology. In my lessons, firstly I try to establish with the student what their main interests are and work on them, always doing it in a communicative way and using diagrams and didactic exercises.

1st lesson offered free !

Biology undergraduate at the University of Oxford gives enjoyable biology lessons online

I've just finished my second year studying biological sciences at the University of Oxford. I am a personable and enthusiastic tutor, with a genuine passion for science and teaching, my hope is to help students get into the top universities. My lessons will focus on areas where students have a weak understanding and where there are gaps in their knowledge.

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1st lesson offered free !

Biology at all levels up to degree by a long-term nerd (Liverpool)

Anybody having trouble with understanding? My speciality is simplifying complex concepts and patiently explaining them. Funny metaphors based on the familiar are how I love to memorise facts, and therefore sharing knowledge with others. The brain works best when it's happy and screwed onto a healthy body, so I am also open to relating personal tips regarding nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Geology PhD student and German native speaker offers lessons in Sciences (Geology, Chemistry, Ecology and Biology)

I am able to adjust my teaching towards the needs of the individual or group. I believe that everyone can be able to tackle complex topics if approached in the easiest and most accessible way. Within my studies I was able to gain experience within classroom based demonstrating as well as assistance of lecturing during field work.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced scientist (Ph.D.) offering biology (botany, molecular biology, genetics, cellular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology) lessons in Harpenden and surroundings.

My teaching style depends on the students and what they request. Different students have different learning styles. I prefer to adapt my lessons to the individual student. This means, I would like to know how you learn best, so I can adapt my lessons to this.

1st lesson offered free !

PGCE qualified high school teacher and current biology master student offering lessons

My teaching methodology revolves around making fun and interactive lessons to achieve the learning objectives. I fee that interest is the factor which helps students learn and try to foster this by making science relatable.

1st lesson offered free !

Environmental science student at University of Edinburgh offering biology tuition in Edinburgh

My teaching method is informal, approaching each topic by encouraging the student to engage with the topic and really think about the subjects helping to further their experience.

1st lesson offered free !

An enthusiastic A Level, KS4, KS3 and GCSE Science and Maths Tutor

I am very familiar with the GCSE curriculum and assessments and enjoy finding interesting ways to connect with the content. As a tutor, I believe it is important to get to know the student and to help them connect to the content in a way that best suits them and their learning style.

1st lesson offered free !

A highly qualified tutor in Biology is available in Aberdeenshire area to learn efforlessly.

Biology is a full of fun if you know how to teach. My methodology involves memory tricks, curiosity based learning and full visual aids to train your brain to turn the information into the permanent memory. You will master biology in no time using this methodology.

1st lesson offered free !

Science students offering Biology and who intend going further to study courses like Botany at the Higher Institution. I hold a first degree in Plant Science and Biotechnology. I have also lectured fo

I always apply right teaching skills during my teaching sessions, skills like set induction, that is, arousing the interest of the students to learn. I also apply a skill called planned repetition, that is, repeating a particular subject matter until the students understands it. Then in the end i'll always evaluate.

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified science teacher (Bsc Ed) offering O/L & A/L chemistry and biology lessons, and help with university assignments

As a tutor I break down complex problems into simple steps.I work through these steps with students helping them. This helps students to understand the problem.

1st lesson offered free !

University student in central belt offering tuition for Biological Sciences, Maths, and Chemistry.

I like to go over the base concept and then show practical applications and examples. The general outlay of a lesson would be an introduction, discussion, then a summary of the lesson. During the lesson I try to use appropriate metaphors and also teaching props so as to make the content easily memorable.

Gretna Green
1st lesson offered free !

Plants exist all over the World. All the treatment are found in plants.

Biology teaching must reflect the exciting nature of the subject and its surroundings. Student work in biology lessons should be practical and visual in nature wherever possible .

1st lesson offered free !

TopNotchTutor provides undergraduate and below with biological lessons& classes to students and

I teach students in University and other lower levels seeking to understand better biology.I provide lessons that at the comfort of your residences with easy to examples that are easy and manageable.

1st lesson offered free !

Post graduate in biotechnology with 2 years experience offering biology lessons in middlesbrough

I used to take classes for high school students. I prefer learning without burden method. I can teach lessons in an interesting manner.

1st lesson offered free !

Botanist offering lessons in botanical science and plant identification in and around Worcester

I can cater my teaching for any level from absolute beginner to professional. I like to teach through a mixture of lecturing and hands on experience - preferably in the great outdoors where the subtleties and challenges of plant identification and the patterns of botany can be experienced first hand.

1st lesson offered free !

Expert Biology teacher offering Biology Class for Elementary & Mid-Level School Students

I learn the student first, then design a teaching methodology suits the student's learning ability. some students pick up faster, other may a take a little longer...I navigate student from the beginning up to reaching a high level of performance. I have the patience to groom a student from a low level to a high level. Teaching is a passion than a profession.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduate biology student for online biology tutor for a broad range of topics

I have graduated with a first class degree in Biological sciences and can cover a broad range of topics.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Reproductive system this has to do with the verious part of the reproduction in human body

well its all about teaching my students the core things they need to know about reproduction, be it on the male cell or on the female reproductive system , so therefore by doing this my students will have the key knowledge of the course

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Botany is a beautiful subject that you could always relate with the environment and explore more and learn more

My teaching is a unique way its a two way not only children but I learn with them,to teach someone first we need to learn and I do teach the NGO children right from Secondary Education students PUC.

1st lesson offered free !

University student in Forensic Science, Chemistry gives Biology lessons to Primary and Secondary School Students

I have the ability to explain from very basic to the students so they are able to easily grasp my lessons. My teaching methodology include Lecture Demonstration, Assignments and Revision Tests.

1st lesson offered free !

Agricultural Education and Extension graduate attending to Biology interested students teachings online

Have studied Agricultural Education and Extension from Egerton University. Professionally I teach agriculture and Biology to High School level. I prefer teaching online as this allows the students to be free with me hence eliminating fear I like questions-answer method.

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