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3rd Year BSc Botanist wanting to help young people excel in all Biology fields!

I'm a fun, engaged and enthusiastic learner and I want to spread that ethos to all the students I teach.

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University of Portsmouth BSC (Hons) Biology 2:1 graduate giving supplementary lessons to students in Portsmouth and surrounding areas (1:1 personal appointments within a 10 km radius)

I am a patient and accomodating University of Portsmouth graduate in BSc (Hons) Biology, and I believe in working at the pace of the student.

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Leading researcher offers tuition in a range of biological and agricultural subjects

I apply my practical knowledge and experience to teaching in order to bring life to subjects. It is important to relate topics to their functions and to show the physiological and ecological significance of structures and phenology in organisms. In addition it is important to consider the roles and functions of populations in ecosystems.

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Animal Biology Graduate, local to Inverness, offering lessons in Biology, Geography and Home Economics.

I am personally a very visual learner however I have a broad knowledge of different teaching methods and learning styles. I will aim to tailor the way I deliver knowledge in the way that is most beneficial to you. I am a very outgoing and caring person so I would like to see you do your best in whatever we are aiming for.

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Old-School, Dedicated, Imaginative and Engaging Tutor. Local to East-End, East London.Great Transport.

Can teach any subject within reason to approximately Old GCE "O" Level. Science subjects, especially Biological Sciences to "A" Level and beyond. Written & Spoken English from Primary Level to Advanced. Several other specialisms on request including basic guitar and mandolin.

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Science Tutoring specialising in Biological Processes for secondary school pupils - science is exciting, relevant and all around us.

I have a Marine Biological Sciences background which includes physics and chemistry. If you are in primary or secondary school and need extra help to Understand Theories and Processes , or to Gain Better Exam Marks then I can help you now.

South Shields
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An International physical therapy graduate offering lessons in Science in Newcastle & Sunderland

I am a Physical Therapist from India, currently studying sports medicine from Sunderland University would like to offer my knowledge to kids from Junior to high school in the subjects of Basic science, Anatomy, Physiology, Botany, Zoology, Biology. will go through the syllabus and make a systemaic structure of study for the student in a given time.

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Biology undergraduate at the University of Oxford gives enjoyable biology lessons online

I've just finished my second year studying biological sciences at the University of Oxford. I am a personable and enthusiastic tutor, with a genuine passion for science and teaching, my hope is to help students get into the top universities. My lessons will focus on areas where students have a weak understanding and where there are gaps in their knowledge.

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Biology Masters Graduate gives biology lessons to A-level students via web chat

I am a recent 1st class Biological Sciences Masters graduate wishing to pass on my knowledge to those interested or struggling in Biology. I will mainly help with A-level and GCSE level Biology courses. My lessons will focus on questions that the student has about the subject matter and helping them use their knowledge in the exams, using practice papers and previous mark schemes.

Greater London
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Graduate in Biological Sciences from the University of Birmingham, tutoring Secondary school students in all sciences and Secondary school/college students in Biology (North London)

I am a recent university graduate having studied Biology. My school and university experiences have highlighted the importance of student and teacher engagement along with a high teaching quality in any subject, particularly in subjects as relevant and important as the Sciences. There is no point in teaching when interest is lost. Bored students won't remember boring lessons.

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Biology Tutor, Belfast area (A-Level/GCSE/Primary & Secondary) - Marine Biology undergraduate student, 5 years youth work experience

I'm a 3rd year Marine Biology student who is very experienced in working with children and teenagers of all ages and mental abilities, including kids with ADD/ADHD and autism. I have As in 4 science GCSEs (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology) and an A in A-Level Biology.

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Biology at all levels up to degree by a long-term nerd (Liverpool)

Anybody having trouble with understanding? My speciality is simplifying complex concepts and patiently explaining them. Funny metaphors based on the familiar are how I love to memorise facts, and therefore sharing knowledge with others. The brain works best when it's happy and screwed onto a healthy body, so I am also open to relating personal tips regarding nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.

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BSc Zoology student teaching Biology up to A Level, including Evolution and Cellular Biology

My teaching method will consist of videos, diagrams and text. I will also provide short multiple-choice tests to consolidate learning, and will be available for phone calls if ever needed. I will help students understand difficult topics within their school or college education.

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Biomedical Science Student offering biology lessons in Cheltenham up to University Level

I am a New Zealander taking a gap year to work and travel in Europe. My teaching method is relaxed but comprehensive. I am I visual learner so I like to use drawing, diagrams, and pictures to help explain. Our lessons will be based a structured plan of what precisely what material you need to learn and when this must be achieved by. I will tutor anyone up to University level studies.

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PGCE qualified high school teacher and current biology master student offering lessons

My teaching methodology revolves around making fun and interactive lessons to achieve the learning objectives. I fee that interest is the factor which helps students learn and try to foster this by making science relatable.

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Environmental science student at University of Edinburgh offering biology tuition in Edinburgh

My teaching method is informal, approaching each topic by encouraging the student to engage with the topic and really think about the subjects helping to further their experience.

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Experienced and thorough biology and chemistry tutor in SN7 Oxfordshire/Wiltshire (Warwick PhD; FHEA)

I am an experienced, patient and highly achieving biology and chemistry tutor, with strong subject knowledge. I have been teaching in British universities (University of Oxford, of Warwick, of Leicester) for the past 17 years. I provide a strong pastoral care and help my tutees to further develop into confident and performing students.

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Seek the Light..... By getting one on one BIOLOGY HELP in your Course..

I am in A levels and I would like the students from GCSE level and the years below. I am a very soft person and keep on helping the student until they get it. I go through each topic and make sure student understands to as well as at the end I give them few exam questions which help them in their exam practice and also give me the chance to know how much they understand the topic.

Gretna Green
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Plants exist all over the World. All the treatment are found in plants.

Biology teaching must reflect the exciting nature of the subject and its surroundings. Student work in biology lessons should be practical and visual in nature wherever possible .

Dr iqbal
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Offering tutoring various science up to KS5 in Dartford, Bexley, Kent areas

• I have arranged work placements for KS4 and A level students interested in undertaking Science Degrees at Universities as a consequence of my strong relationships with Imperial College, UCL, Kings and Cambridge Universities; who I have collaborated with in the past and am still doing so currently.

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Recent Zoology Graduate available to give broad scope of Biology lessons, primary school through to undergraduate level.

My name is Eleanor Collinson, I am a recent Graduate student and work as a research assistant at Newcastle University. I have experience in teaching a range of biological concepts to younger pupils and peers. My lesson structure can be tailored to suit the needs of the student, taking into consideration the age of the student and particular aspect of biology that they may be struggling with.

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TopNotchTutor provides undergraduate and below with biological lessons& classes to students and

I teach students in University and other lower levels seeking to understand better biology.I provide lessons that at the comfort of your residences with easy to examples that are easy and manageable.

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Graduate biology student for online biology tutor for a broad range of topics

I have graduated with a first class degree in Biological sciences and can cover a broad range of topics.

Greater London
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Reproductive system this has to do with the verious part of the reproduction in human body

well its all about teaching my students the core things they need to know about reproduction, be it on the male cell or on the female reproductive system , so therefore by doing this my students will have the key knowledge of the course

1st lesson offered free !

I offer tutoring for biology in Slough Wraisbury Datchet Secondary GCSE A Level

I am very pasionate about biology and keen to share my knowledge.I can tutor up to A level. I believe the one to one teaching/tutoring is the most effective way of understanding the subject, acquiring knowledge in order to achieve your goals.

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Ecology and Biology Tutor - Canadian postgrad student completing Master's degree in Swansea

I'm a postgraduate student passionate about ecology and am great at thoroughly explaining the 'bigger picture' so students are able to understand not only the question at hand but the topic and process as a whole.

Greater London
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Botany is a beautiful subject that you could always relate with the environment and explore more and learn more

My teaching is a unique way its a two way not only children but I learn with them,to teach someone first we need to learn and I do teach the NGO children right from Secondary Education students PUC.

1st lesson offered free !

University student in Forensic Science, Chemistry gives Biology lessons to Primary and Secondary School Students

I have the ability to explain from very basic to the students so they are able to easily grasp my lessons. My teaching methodology include Lecture Demonstration, Assignments and Revision Tests.

1st lesson offered free !

Biology postgraduate student helping in a range of science subjects for secondary school and specialising in Biology and Geography for A level students. In norwich but can provide lessons worldwide. I

I currently starting my Masters degree in Conservation and Ecology research at University of East Anglia. I have tutored people for GCSE Science subjects and Maths during my A Levels and have experience in being able to help my students gain an understanding the subject alongside being improving exam technique which is crucial at A Level and GCSE.

1st lesson offered free !

Oxford Graduate >8 years experience in Science and maths First Lesson FREE

7 years of tutoring experience offering my first lesson absolutely free. I give the tutoring according to student needs and capabilities. I give students the work plan to reach A grades. I tutor Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths from KS2 upto A-levels.

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