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Peasedown Saint John
1st lesson offered free !

PhD Fellow in Bath offering biology lessons to students of all ages

I currently teach KS2 secondary school children, with whom I like to take a practical approach to teaching. I feel that getting children to do things - or even think about things they do - can help lessons stick. With undergraduate students, I feel that breaking down complex concepts into stories and smaller chunks really works well.

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1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Sports Scientist and Equine Nurse Technician offering tutoring in the Menston area.

I prefer to give one-on-one lessons as I believe the student will gain more from the lesson as they will have my undivided attention. I am happy to help up to year 10 for school subjects as well as anyone doing a BTEC veterinary course. I will adapt my lessons to suit the individual as everyone has a different way of learning and interacting.

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Professional chartered geologist with PhD (Geology & Geochemistry) offering online geology/geoscience tutoring

I am a professional geologist/geoscientist, currently working as an exploration geoscientist in the oil & gas industry. I have prior experience of teaching at university level, whilst undertaking my PhD. I am happy to give lessons at all levels and capabilities.

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A - level student offering Biology and English reading lessons in Dunstable

My teaching methods have been proved to be easy and simple by my students as I prepare for all the resources like exam questions, extra notes and short question and answer booklets. I am a A- Level student and have passed the new GCSE's and therefore know new teaching methods.

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Qualified and Current British teacher offering GCSE or BTEC Science quality tutoring

I can personalise your learning depending on the needs of the individual. Happy to work with any syllabus : I specialise with working with student with SEN and can offer creative approaches to learning. I can assist in research projects. I can offer Question and answer sessions. I can explain areas of difficulty , with various ways to help remember and link learning.

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Geology PhD student and German native speaker offers lessons in Sciences (Geology, Chemistry, Ecology and Biology)

I am able to adjust my teaching towards the needs of the individual or group. I believe that everyone can be able to tackle complex topics if approached in the easiest and most accessible way. Within my studies I was able to gain experience within classroom based demonstrating as well as assistance of lecturing during field work.

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Marine Biology and Oceanography student offering to tutor GCSE and A level Biology and Geography students in Plymouth and online

My teaching method is to first gauge where the student struggles and tackle these areas, whilst still covering topics they don't struggle in, by covering what they know when tackling what they don't, the student remains confident. Lack of confidence is often the reason why many struggle.

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PGCE qualified high school teacher and current biology master student offering lessons

My teaching methodology revolves around making fun and interactive lessons to achieve the learning objectives. I fee that interest is the factor which helps students learn and try to foster this by making science relatable.

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Environmental science student at University of Edinburgh offering biology tuition in Edinburgh

My teaching method is informal, approaching each topic by encouraging the student to engage with the topic and really think about the subjects helping to further their experience.

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Healthcare student in life sciences gives lessons to primary and secondary students

My name is Stephen and live in South Wales. I already hold a Geography degree and i am currently studying for my second in Healthcare science ( Life Sciences). My specialism is human biology. I have a positive forward outlook on teaching. No matter your ability i will actively seek to improve your knowledge and understanding of Human Biology.

1st lesson offered free !

We've got the whole world in our hands. Geology (my Bachelors degree subject) and Geography are my specialty! I would tutor in a friendly, relaxed and interactive way - the best way to learn!

I find that people learn best when they are relaxed and most of all, interested in what they are studying. I would work systematically through the material until the student is happy to explore the subject independently. I would encourage students to create helpful anecdotes and use fun revision tips, to help them grasp the subject with greater proficiency.

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Cover teacher with Geology degree offering Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Geography lessons in Brighton

I am looking to offer GCSE level help to anyone struggling with Biology, Chemistry, Geography or Geology. My style of lessons for tutoring would be that the student informs me of an area within these subjects that they are struggling with or would like additional work with.

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Enthusiastic Geology Student offering Science lessons up to A level in London

I focus my attention on ensuring that the student has a full understanding of the subject matter, which I can test by asking for their interpretations and explanations of different areas of the content. This also improves their answering style.Then I go on to example questions so I can give feedback on their style, as well as give them an opportunity to practice with trick questions.

1st lesson offered free !

Geology student offering sciences, geography and maths at GCSE and A Level

I am willing to teach any student at GCSE and up to A Level in certain subjects who wishes to pass their exams or simply improve their grade to the best of their ability.

1st lesson offered free !

Experience Geologist able to communicate Geology to non Geologists and budding Geologists

I teach through the medium of webcam, YouTube, experimental work and text book to communicate complex geological concepts. I have spent 20 years working in an engineering company and therefore I am very good at explaining geological concepts to non geologists.

1st lesson offered free !

Field Geologist in Vancouver, BC - BSc. Geology from University of British Columbia

Geology isn't as fun for everyone else as it is for me - and I understand that. I do my best to make it fun and applicable to your interests/career path.

1st lesson offered free !

I am available to help you get the best grades in Geology

I love to make learning fun for my learners by relating the topics being taught to real life scenarios to enable them visualize the topics and make it fun

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Biology tutoring from the comfort of your own home, breaking down the hardest topics!

Lessons could be provided at GCSE level and A level, in a way that suits the student. Multiple explanations can be given in order to find out which one works best for the student. A plan would be set out, personalised, varying on the exam content.

1st lesson offered free !

Biomedical engineering student at glasgow university offering biology lessons up till A levels(high school 11th year) or equivalent.

My name is Haider and my teaching method is to first build a basic structure and simple understanding to a topic .See if the student grasps it and keep on making connection to the topic in details later with examples and understanble explanations.

1st lesson offered free !

Current BSc geography student offering online help, up to A Level, in geology

I believe in an informative but also engaging teaching style. Doing activities and relating work to real life help to take subjects from the classroom into the real world. Making learning fun is the key to enjoying a subject and therefore a willingness to learn and develop.

1st lesson offered free !

Mechanical Engineering student offering Maths and Biology (GCSE & A-Level) lessons specified to your exam board in Greater Manchester

I try to break things down to make them as simple as possible. If you are having difficulty getting your head around certain concepts i try to help you think of different ways of thinking about problems, as to relate them to everyday situations, this makes them less daunting and easier to process.

Greater London
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Reproductive system this has to do with the verious part of the reproduction in human body

well its all about teaching my students the core things they need to know about reproduction, be it on the male cell or on the female reproductive system , so therefore by doing this my students will have the key knowledge of the course

1st lesson offered free !

UCL Medical student LONDON TUTOR offering one-to-one biology tutoring- with exam relevant resources provided. All other medicine related subjects can also be offered.

My teaching menthols will be based on understanding. Later, I will provide resources to consolidate this information in a way where it can be effectively recalled.

West Bromwich
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Biological Sciences graduate offering Biology / Zoology / Geography tutoring in Birmingham up to Degree level

I am happy to provide support to those doing their GCSE's, A-levels, or beginning their biology degree. I also have a background in Geography and so I would be able to involve that if needed. I can break down the subject into easily-digestible chunks and work closely to make sure that the student really understands it, in a lighthearted and friendly environment.

1st lesson offered free !

Geology Student offering lessons up to a first year geology level .

I like to tutor 101 with a question and answer based learning format. I like to encourage individuals to work through problems with my guidance with the end goal of the student completing the task using there knowledge with the addition of developing there skills inn a science based subject.

West Drayton
1st lesson offered free !

A-level student offering biology and maths lessons up to GCSE level in London

I organise my lessons to be interesting for my students to keep the intrigued while providing them with passive and active learning as well as giving them a chance to discuss. Furthermore, providing them with relevant information as well as detailed analysis.

1st lesson offered free !

I am registered nurse offering lessons in biology working in united kingdom

I teaching method involves various techniques like lecturing, demonstration, discussion and experimentation. I enjoy teaching with diagrams and video.

1st lesson offered free !

Geologist offering remote sensing and GIS lessons in Egypt . I have a bachelor science degree of Geology with very good honors . I completed GIS Specialization course from UC Davis hosted by Coursera

practical and video teaching .Broadly, the flipped classroom label describes the teaching structure that has students watching pre-recorded lessons at home and completing in-class assignments, as opposed to hearing lectures in class and doing homework at home.

Chandler's Ford
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Final Year Zoology University Student Offering Biology and Geography Tutoring in Hampshire

My teaching method is very interactive and dependant on the student's needs, I feel people learn best by doing when they can link an experience with knowledge.

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Perfect! Ruth is an excellent teacher, above all she is knowledgeable and professional.Our son is happy with her.

Kenan, student
7 months ago
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