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University student in biomedical science happy to give chemistry lessons to GCSE/A level students in Brighton

I am a current second year University student studying Biomedical science more than happy to teach chemistry to GCSE/ A Level students hoping to better the students overall confidence and improve the students understanding on the topic for them to excel to the best of their capabilities.

Central Stockton-on-Tees
1st lesson offered free !

An experienced outstanding Chemistry Tutor who can improve your grades in Teesside.

I hold a BSc degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry. I am qualified to teach Chemistry up to and including A Level and IB Diploma. I always carry out an initial assessment of students during the first lesson to inform me of their areas of need. I then produce a course outline which we will follow until the ends of the lessons. I make use of technology to enhance my lessons.

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Friendly Chemistry graduate offering private tutoring across all GCSE sciences in bristol

I am a big believer in analogies. Once I find a fitting analogy that makes sense to my student I can make the most complex of topics fun, engaging and easily understood! All while keeping a close eye on the curriculum to ensure relevance.

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Chemistry undergraduate at University of Leicester offering help to GCSE and AS/A-level Chemistry students

My teaching method is to focus on one topic per lesson to ensure sufficient detail is covered. In addition, after a few sessions covering similar topics I like to do summary lessons and short tests to identify what has learnt well, what hasn't and why.

Greater London
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Offering Maths Tuition and support for Primary and KS3 pupils in London

Having been around children my whole life, I know how to motivate and keep the interest going. I understand the different ability each person has and how to put the best possible work structure into place. I am here to help each and every person I work with and I strongly believe that improvement and confidence will be seen very quickly.

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Any branch of Chemistry up to Undergraduate Degree level, individual or group lessons.

I teach any branch of Chemistry up to Undergraduate Degree level. Either individual or group lessons. Available during school hours, after school hours, and weekends. Upon agreement, lessons can take place at the student's home, at the tutor's home, or in any suitable public place such as a library, a museum, or a natural park.

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Enthusiastic and freshly-graduated Chemistry Tutor (soon coming to Manchester) offers home and Skype lessons up to University Level.

I have just freshly-graduated from my Master’s Degree in Chemistry, with a First Class Honours (1st), and I have a specialization in Chemical Innovation and Regulation. I can teach Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry for anything up to A level standard. Nevertheless, I am happy to cover all sciences and Maths, I can easily teach English to GCSE level, and Italian, which is my mother tongue.

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MChem Chemistry Undergraduate student offering Chemistry tutoring for individuals or classes online

I develop my classes based on the ability of the individual or the group. Each lesson will be tailored for the specific knowledge required as well as to make the subject more engaging and interesting for the student. By doing this, the lesson does not feel like a problem and knowledge is not retained on rote memorisation but from a genuine passion for the subject.

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Qualified Chemistry teacher to A level with experience in OFSTED outstanding schools. Happy to help and flexible. :)

I like to show the real world applications of the topics you are studying, hopefully giving you a real appreciation for the subject. I can be flexible and teach by either problem solving, lecturing or active tasks. I have many resources from schools and will give you tailored work to reach your full potential.

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Chemistry teacher (PhD Chemistry) offering to teach Maths and Chemistry in Nottingham

I come from a strong background in Chemistry and Mathematics with Ph.D. in Chemistry. I have been teaching a wide spectrum of students for 10 years now. Currently, I am teaching Chemistry and Microbiology to BTEC Level 3 Forensic Science student and Chemistry and Mathematics to A-Level (board OCR) student. Recently my former student procured distinction (D3) in all her assignments.

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Need help with chemistry and biology? No worries, we are here to help you.

My teaching method is student based and I prefer a direct teaching approach. I might be lacking in a few aspects, but I will try my best. I love helping people and teaching others makes me happy. You can also call it a hobby of sort.

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Food Science and Business Undergraduate Student offering Mathematics tuition around Exeter, Devon

My teaching methods are tailored to the student's individual learning style and requirements. I like to approach topics by applying them to a real life scenario, where possible, to help students relate to the lesson and ultimately make the experience more enjoyable.

Kinmel Bay
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STEM Ambassador for Wales and Chemistry student at the University of York looking to tutor chemistry to GCSE and AS-Level

I am a current MChem student at the University of York, with a passion for the chemical sciences. In the past I have delivered lessons in primary schools as a STEM Ambassador for wales and have tutored other students on my course.

1st lesson offered free !

Enthusiastic educator of all things Science with a focus on the crazy world of Chemistry!

I have been tutoring for more than four years and teach with poems, positivity and praise! I make revision materials,cue cards, presentations, rhymes, songs and most of all, I believe in the fun-factor at all times! Learning should be a lifelong enjoyable experience and I tailor my lessons and learning styles to the student - mind maps, memory games, whatever floats your boat! :) Anyone can learn...

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Chemistry masters graduate offering chemistry and biology tutoring at A level and below in the Newcastle area

I am a friendly, funny (in my opinion) and very patient tutor who uses a wide range of techniques which will cater for the students individual way of learning. I revise the subject in question myself before the tutoring session so that i know exactly the best way to teach it. I then go through the topic with the student using many different medias such as text books, videos and games.

1st lesson offered free !

Trainee Mathematical Scientist, primary to international GCSE levels, based in Mid Kent

My approach for classes is always informed by the students abilities, strengths, interests and the most effective styles of learning. I tailor lessons to incorporate any personal angles, perspectives and biases that enhance knowledge acquisition that is lasting and of high quality.

1st lesson offered free !

Veterinary Surgery student and Medical Biochemist excited to teach science and English online!

My teaching methods are based on looking at challenges differently and from a different perspective from the standard textbook method. I like making lessons fun and using real-life examples, props and videos so that subject matters are not only understood but remembered for a long time to come.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Oxford University Graduated Chemistry and Biology Tutor for all undergraduate levels

My name is kashif saleem and I have done my MSc in organic chemistry from University of Oxford UK, I have a great deal of experience in teaching chemistry to O-Level, A-Level and undergraduate students.

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Engage, Enthuse & Learn Science With A Current Head of Science - Norwich Area

Teaching doesn't have to be overcomplicated but it does have to be effective to different audiences. I will deliver quality engaging content, support active and varied learning underpinned by effective assessment. Effective assessment will enable me to track your progress and make necessary adjustments to future learning.

Waltham Abbey
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Clinical Pharma-Technician offering online maths, english and science lessons up to GCSE level in Essex.

I am a Clinical Pharmacist by profession and i offer private lessons on maths, english and science to students from level KS3 to GCSE level. The lessons i offer my students are conversation-based, in a more friendly and open environment which all students can participate equally.

Livia emilia
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Chemistry a bridge between generations through online classes offered by a chemistry teacher with 22 years of experience.

The teaching methods used by me are modern and differentiated student-centered. ICT integrator / or sequences eContent lessons in teaching. I use teaching strategies sky corresponding to a competency-based education. Demonstrez eleviilor ca chimie este stiinta vietii si tot ce ne inconjoara si se intampla este o reactie ireversibila.

1st lesson offered free !

Physics tutor in Bradford with a GCSE double award in science at grade CC

I give lessons to anyone who needs them from A level students up to college students and I focus more on the science sections mainly physics and especially astronomy but I am also really good at both biology and chemistry but I do believe that I am better helping people with physics.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduated student in food industry offering chemistry and science in Stoke on Trent

My way to teach the chemistry start for simple point. Atoms are complicated but only if you don't know the method to approach them. In my course we see how chemistry run and works in the world how biochemistry move everything in the nature.

Greater London
(6 reviews)

Online and at home tutor PhD level, specialising in all aspects of Chemistry based in London

PhD chemist with over 7 years tutoring experience of all levels from GCSE, AS, A2 and degree level tuition not only in chemistry but in other chemistry related subjects. I pride myself in understanding that not every student learns in the same manner and finding the learning method most appropriate for each student.

Greater London
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Chemical Science for Underg raduate and Postgraduate as will as highersecondary education.

Expert And experienced Professor for Chemistry Experience of Undergraduate and post graduate teaching Can teach organic and inorganic chemistry subject Wel subject knowledge. Undergraduate and post graduate teaching Can teach organic and inorganic chemistry subject Wel subject knowledge.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry Tutor - Gillingham - University student currently studying Pharmacology in Medway

Hi im Ozan and i teach chemistry to pupils that need help with GCSE chemistry. I believe chemistry is easy to understand once you have a grasp of the basic principles which I teach first to help the student figure out the more complex side of the the subject.

Chester Le Street
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College student very good in large amount of studies ready to Help

I follow a guide that fits each students learning techniques which allows the to grasp and learn better with each subject I am very friendly I listen well and I make sure the student is happy with the lesson and doesn't feel pressured

1st lesson offered free !

Hello im Mr Valentine i teach mathematics and i teach secondary students.

I teach every year in secondary. I have been named a funny teacher by a lot of pupils. and they still get a lot of education in mathematics. I'm looking forward teaching people on the internet as well thanks, Mr.

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College student offering help in many subjects, click on my profile to find out more.

My teaching method is to study each part of the subject at a time and to go over all bits of the topic in a fun but supportive way

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Science and Maths Tutor in Nantwich up to A Level. Available now.

I’m happy and easy going and really want to help people reach their maximum potential. I’m a science expert but can help in maths too.

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Perfect! Shaina is a superb tutor who I would recommend. She is very good, patient and motivating. Shaina had always asked me to explain topics to ensure I had understood them before moving on. She emphasised that no question was a dumb question, so I...

Shivani , student
8 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Everything seems a lot more simple now, extremely helpful.

Ned, student
10 months ago
(6 reviews)

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