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French Master student studying at Imperial College offers courses for Maths, Physics, Chemistry in London

I am a French Erasmus student enrolled in Year 4 at Imperial College London where I study Chemical Engineering. I am a hardworking student and serious tutor. I ended up valedictorian in my Preparatory School before entering a high-level Engineering School. I was ambassador and 5-star tutor for Superprof France over the past year.

Harrow Weald

Dr Noel - Harrow Weald - A-level CHEMISTRY: ALL boards.I teach A-level chemistry; I am a senior examiner with OCR and a consultant for organic chemistry. I live in Harrow in London and give lessons

I am Dr Dickson and I am an experienced chemistry teacher. I am Head of Chemistry at a 6th form college in London. I am a senior examiner with OCR and an examiner with Edexcel. I make chemistry interesting, so try my approach and succeed. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach chemistry. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Passionate Chemistry graduate with more then 15 years tutoring experience offering one to one Organic Chemistry lesson upto university level .

I tailor my lesson based on students learing abilty and style. I give clear instruction and guideline to my students to follow which help them to achieve their require grades. I prepare my students by giving them deeper and clear understanding of the subject or topics . My students are not only do well in the exam but they do really well any future challenge in the subject area.

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Chemistry lessons from Key stage 3 up to A-levels in London !

My teaching methodology varies with each and every pupil. I work according to their routine of learning, however I will ensure that the lesson will be summaried in a mind map and past paper questions, calculations and past papers will be provided for GCSE and A-levels students. Student are welcomed to call outside lesson hours and this is free of charge.

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Post-graduate student assists learning chemistry lessons to undergraduate or lower levels in Belfast

I am a PhD candidate in Pharmacy but I have a deep passion for chemistry starting from high school. I would like to help any students up to undergraduate levels who find it 'miserable' to digest chemistry lessons in school. In order to be good at chemistry, I believe that understanding basic concepts and mechanisms is much essential for learning key information and advanced knowledge.

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Reading based Chemistry Masters graduate with in-school experience - teaching GCSE and A-level

My teaching methodology involves logical progression of key concepts and a keen focus on the actual understanding rather than just learning to pass exams. However exam technique will be covered in detail through past paper questions as it is a key skill and should not be underplayed.

West Bridgford
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MSc Chemistry student offering GCSE & A-level Chemistry, GCSE Maths lessons in Nottingham

A confident MSc Chemistry student at Nottingham Trent University with extensive research experience in chemistry. Usually mind mapping techniques are used for teaching. A good listener who can understand the students’ errors and misconceptions. Tutoring will be going on as a discussion with the student.

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Experienced Industrial Chemist and Research Scientist to help you overcome your scientific woes!

Having taught some of the keenest minds in the world at the Universities of Oxford and London and also struggling school students, (as well as struggling University students and bright-as-buttons schoolchildren!), I believe it is absolutely essential to tailor the teaching style to the requirements of the individual. Pupils have hugely varying aptitudes for different parts of a syllabus.

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Highly qualified chemist with postdoctoral level experience from Imperial College London and University of Cambridge offering tutoring in Chemistry from School to University Level in London

As a tutor in Chemistry, I will strive to achieve my mission by tailoring my teaching methods and the study materials for students specifically to meet the high international standard for each of their respective courses and level of study as recommended by their university or school board.

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Pharmaceutial and Cosmetic Science 2nd year student after extended curriculum of Chemistry wants to teach others

My target is to show other students how easy and enjoable studying Chemistry can be, once they know the right methods and useful tricks. I have very good materials which will help all the students to understand some very crucial and basic topics while learning Chemistry. I do know how to explain things in a straightforward, understandable and clear way.

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Chemistry Student who has worked on government tutoring schemes, offering Chemistry lessons in Birmingham

I am a friendly and engaging tutor who likes to ensure all box are ticked. My lessons are structured in a way that best suits the individual preference of learning whether that be explaining via diagrams or by engaging in a discussion about the topic being taught. However, I always ensure that my students come away from lessons feeling much more confident about the topics studied.

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University student in biomedical science happy to give chemistry lessons to GCSE/A level students in Brighton

I am a current second year University student studying Biomedical science more than happy to teach chemistry to GCSE/ A Level students hoping to better the students overall confidence and improve the students understanding on the topic for them to excel to the best of their capabilities.

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University of Oxford DPhil graduate and experienced tutor, offering lessons in Chemistry.

I make sure to elicit responses from my students that clearly demonstrate their understanding of the concepts we are covering, as opposed to just feeding them answers. I ensure that my students really understand the fundamental concepts of a subject as this is imperative for tackling complex problems.

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Junior Process Engineer offering Chemistry and Physics lessons, levels: Secondary / College / Sixth-form

I have a different approach that the one from school in order to give the best chance of understanding, memorising and learning to my students. I always find an efficient way to re-explain knowledge and concepts which could be difficult to understand or too fast to follow during classes. I trained my students with gradual exercises, small tests as well as more complex problems.

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Aerospace Engineering student offering Natural Sciences (Including maths) tutoring in GCSE/A Level

My teaching method is based on practise and supporting, i like to teach to work the student doesn't understand, add questions to the end so student can put the learnt knowledge to the test and then help them construct a summary for them to revise from.

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Young and friendly science and maths tutor offering lessons in and around Southampton

My style is to always try and teach the underlying theory rather than just the answers to exam questions in a very interactive way. I do however like to use past exam papers as they will give an idea of the types of questions asked in exams and how they are phrased as well as improving exam technique.

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I give Chemistry lessons at GCSE and A level I am teacher trained and qualified up to PhD Chemistry level

I am very well qualified in Chemistry, having gained a PhD (Organic Chemistry), MSc and BSc (1st class) as well as a PGCE (Secondary Science teaching). I currently teach science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) at KS3 and Chemistry and Physics at KS4, as well as Chemistry at KS5.

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Friendly online chemistry tutor with over 8 years' experience, here to help you through the tough concepts.

FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON, ONLINE ONLY. Home visits within a 2-mile radius. Ask me about my online classroom I break lessons down as much as I can. I use videos, pictures, quizzes, (pretty much any tool at my disposal) to bring the point home. I teach alongside past paper questions so you are always ready for the big day.

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University Student studying forensic science in Bournemouth giving tutoring sessions in science

Teaching school students science in Bournemouth and Poole and surrounding areas. Will tailor lessons to the individual. Have experience working with adults and children who have learning disabilities and/or autism. Can help with general curriculum or specific assignments. From reception up to GCSE level.

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BSC/ MSC biochemistry graduate tutoring in the areas of advanced mathematics, chemistry, and biology via Skype, messaging, and recorded videos in any English speaking country from the uk

I offer quality education of international standard to students from secondary upto graduate degrees in the fields mentioned earlier I am a biochemistry graduate with a masters and bachelor degree in the same field The methodology of my teaching is in compliance with the use of modern technology

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Engineering student with achievements from physical, organic and inorganic chemistry competitions and eager approach for teaching chemistry, mathematics and physics.

I always start with identifying the "weak/missing points" from knowledge, in my students. My method is based on later clarifying found issues and by using examples, deepening the understanding of a problem. I do believe that understanding something fully, is the key in being able to reach the solutions.

1st lesson offered free !

King's College London Chemistry Graduate offering chemistry and maths lessons in London

I don't have a specific teaching method, I like to take an individual approach, but I like to make things simpler for my students in a way they are able to understand and memorise. As I have just gotten into tutoring, I would like to begin with GCSE students.

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Chemistry student at Manchester university offers high quality (online) tuition for students @Manchester

I will help you to overcome all your doubts in the subject area. The lessons will be planned in such a way to start from the most simplest and then go to the complex.

Central Stockton-on-Tees
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An experienced outstanding Chemistry Tutor who can improve your grades in Teesside.

I hold a BSc degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry. I am qualified to teach Chemistry up to and including A Level and IB Diploma. I always carry out an initial assessment of students during the first lesson to inform me of their areas of need. I then produce a course outline which we will follow until the ends of the lessons. I make use of technology to enhance my lessons.

Ogbourne Saint George
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Approachable Science Tutor with BSc (Hons) Chemistry and an MSc in IP Law

I will be using a combination of my own experience, AQA (or whichever exam board you’re registered with) official material and a structured tutoring plan that lines up with the curriculum. I can explain tricky concepts in different ways using the virtual whiteboard and work with you until you’re comfortable.

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PhD Student in Sheffield offering lessons in Maths & Chemistry up to A-Level

My lesson plans are very methodological. I always start with finding the exam board the student's subject is in. The best place to start is to find the learning objectives for the subject from the exam board and work through these objectives one by one until we have completed specific sections.

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Chemistry | First-Class Manchester Graduate / PG Excellence Scholar Offering Affordable Chemistry Tuition | GCSE / A Level

My teaching methodology is very much one of self direction; regardless of your aspirations, you cannot excel without being driven. As an undergraduate I achieved a first-class result in every single exam - I did this by being eager to learn, not by being a genius.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent Natural Sciences graduate from the University of Cambridge offering maths and science lessons.

I provide lessons in a number of different STEM subjects at GCSE, A-Level and first year degree level. I aim to cover in detail a topic chosen by my students, either in a more structured tutorial or as a question and answer session. My teaching methods are fully flexible, allowing me to tailor each lessons to the needs and wishes of my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry graduate, teacher trained, offering chemistry KS3-5 physics KS3-4 and maths for science. Patient and understanding my sole purpose is to help you understand and succeed.

I fully understand how difficult science can be and hence, I connect with your ability and where your current level of understanding is enabling me to plan a lesson the fits around you. This method has worked both in and out of schools, as well as in lessons and in tutorials from Yr7 up to Yr 13.

1st lesson offered free !

Glasgow University medicinal chemistry graduate offering chemistry and related subjects in Glasgow

I offer the full spectrum of high school level chemistry and related sciences (if required), up to and including advanced higher studies. My tutoring is predominantly based around the content that students receive from their teachers, on a topic by topic basis.

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To be sure of your tutor's teaching and lesson quality when learning Organic chemistry. We collect authentic testimonials of former students, reviewed & guaranteed by Superprof.

Perfect! Very good tutor, helped me get from a grade D to a grade B in A level Chemistry! Very understanding and accommodating

Zainab, student
3 months ago

Perfect! He represents how the very good teacher as should be, care of his student very much, giving useful practicing, following his student progressing from to another, simplifying the subject, taking you directly to the main points and besides his...

Ibrahim, student
4 months ago

Perfect! Hoa is a fantastic tutor. He goes out of his way to help. He is organized and very professional. I would recommend Hoa without hesitation. He has an extremely well structured method of teaching that is very effective in making lessons memorable.

Margaret, student
5 months ago

Perfect! Very good tutor. Took his time to collect materials and was effective in explaining every topic. Always on time as well.

Malik, student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Vaishali was a safeline for my daughter who was revising for organic chemistry and found herself lost. Vaishali was able to identify her needs and gaps and fulfill it in a short intensive manner. She also managed to bring my daughter's confidence...

Irinabelugina@yahoo.co.uk, student
8 months ago
(20 reviews)

Perfect! An absolutely fantastic teacher who explains challenging scientific concepts in a way that is easy to understand. His experience as an examiner is especially helpful when as he is able to teach me topics in depth, while ensuring that I learn in a...

Maya, student
9 months ago
(1 review)

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