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Asad massage

I my students how massa their parents and children. I can give lesson to children about massage and show them how do it. Then they do it their parents or grandparents. It easy to do so.

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Handwriting being brainwriting, it can be logically understood that we can affect our brain by working on our writing pattern, under professional guidance.

I explain the basics with proper visualization and lots of exames.Then ask my students to work on variety of problems with patience.

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Change The Way You Write And Change Your Life Also Know Yourself Through Your Handwriting

I am a handwriting expert having 26 years of experience in this field.

Baixa da Banheira
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I'm prof. of AEC'S and psychomotricist of Barreiro. I can give classes or provide intervention with artherapy, dance therapy, music therapy, self-control, among other areas.

I have a degree in Psychomotor Rehabilitation, having given classes of different subjects of the course to several colleagues. Classes are for students in high school or college to take similar courses. My teaching method goes through strategies of memory and concise learning and not memorization.

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Understand yourself through your handwriting and mould yourself the way you want.

My method is one on one personal training and it can be done as per the convenience of the student. It also includes counsel online and offline.

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Graphotherapy is a unique and down-right effective method to inculcate the required changes in person to progress and suceed

I will first make sure that the student is well aware of his analytical skill of handwriting and then proceed

Anu paul
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Working person give tution to malayalam,maths, from 1st standard to 10th standard

my teaching method evolves after having a conversation with the student, which help us to learn each other , which will help me to learn the grasping style and category of IQ she or he is having. This way i will decide which way i have to teach the student.

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Writing, Reading, and Language Arts Tutoring available for skill building & proofreading

M.A. in English with a concentration on writing Certified in NJ to teach English K-12 My teaching philosophy is focused on personalization and differentiation. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in my years as an educator is that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to learning.

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Bring optimism, harmony, balance and calmness in your life with Brainwave Counselling Services

I'm a professional psychologist. I help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and make optimum use of the best in you. Want to reduce your stress and feel empowered?? Come take 5 sessions with me and experience unconditional joy and happiness.

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Gain without pain therapy! Improve everything about yourself through handwriting. Hurry up!

I require handwriting samples of the person who wants to improve himself then after analysing it I would revert with the improvement methods through handwriting. (Via mail). I practise as a graphotherapist at (concealed information) . Graphotherapy is really helpful in improving one's personality.

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