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A Physicist teaches physics, science and maths to different levels at Exeter

I had a great experience in physics teaching after my graduation I started as a Physics demonstrator for a long time. I worked as well as physics lecturer.

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Experienced A-level Physics teacher looking to give one to one sessions in the Liverpool area.

When it comes to one to one tuition, I look to help the student achieve the most "bang for their buck" by tailoring the sessions to the student's needs in ways which ultimately maximise exam achievement.

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Teacher gives tuition in Physics at all levels (11+, KS3, GCSE, A-level) in Sutton, Wallington, Purley, Croydon area

Hello, I believe that success lies in teaching "the student", not just teaching "the subject". Therefore, I take great care in developing a method unique and specific to each individual student.

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Physics and Mathematics graduate offering tutoring sessions in Maths and Sciences in Lichfield

My teaching style is based on individual or small group mentoring and is largely dependent on the students and their needs. Beginning sessions focus on getting to know their strengths and weaknesses and then working from there.

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Postdoctoral Physics researcher offering tuition in Physics and Mathematics in and around York

I like to tailor my teaching style based on how an individual responds to different methods as no single approach works for everybody. Often I find that the difficulty with explaining science is not that the concepts are hard but putting it into simple language has often been missed by teachers and so I look to identify clear ways of getting the fundamental ideas across with an everyday analogy.

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Completed A-level to physics to a A standard at A-level, willing to teach all available syllabuses.

I like to make teaching more versatile, and try and teach through real-life examples. I feel the biggest problem with teaching is that they don't make all the problems and learning applicable to real-life and hence people don't engage with the content as much.

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I am a qualified teacher with BSc honour in Physics with Electronics and currently hold a fulltime teaching post and have been teaching for 10 years. In my current position, I teach GCSE Maths and Che

I have been very successful at accommodating diverse student needs by facilitating all styles of learning, offering individualized support and integrated effective materials into the course. I have utilized discussion-based lessons in order to promote a deeper understanding of the topics covered.

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MPhys Physics student offering Physics and Maths help up to A-level standard, based in Withington.

I'm a 4th year undergraduate Physics student at the University of Manchester. I'm also a creative person, I play piano, produce music and DJ. My teaching method revolves heavily around problem solving- if a new topic is being covered I'd use a variety of sources and media to get across the key principles, followed by some example worked problems.

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Chemical Engineering student based in Northampton offering lessons in maths and chemistry upto A-level qualification

My teaching method is to prepare the students for the exam , I teach them how to efficiently achieve the target grade they want and keep stress at minimum, my approach to exams is tactical which includes analysis of past papers for the exam and prediction of possible topics that will come up in the exam.I like to teach in a friedly way and keep lessons entertaining.

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Physics student at Newcastle University offering Physics tuition up to A-level in Northumberland

I approach each topic by breaking down the content and identifying how each sub topic relates to others. I would then look to see what sort of content is involved so that I can see if it something that can be memorised or requires practice. Once a sufficient amount of knowledge of the subject is obtained by the student I would begin to introduce lots of practice questions and previous exam papers.

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Certified teacher offering Physics and Math lessons in booth English and Greek.

An enthusiastic and hard working physics teacher who is able to teach students across all ages and range. Vasilakis can help pupils make sense of science and get them fired up about the subject. He takes his job very seriously and he is planning science lessons that involve demonstrations, lectures, discussions and hands on experiments.

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Graduate (HONS) in physics and well experienced in this sector and very helpful in clearly concepts in simple and concise manner.

Teachers must have theoretical and practical knowledge and abilities about science, learning, and science teaching.

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JT's A Level / As Level Physics and Business Tuition for you

Got great grades in both Business and Physics at Level. I'd teach 1:1 ideally. I structure based on how the student feels they would learn best. Passionate about both subjects and I enjoy telling students how to do the subject. My best time of tuition is randomly weekdays and Sundays. My times during week can vary due to varying timetables of University.

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Physics and Maths Tutor - Secondary school and GCSE - Reading, UK

I'm a Physics and Maths A Level student at Maiden Erlegh. Happy and willing to pass on my knowledge to any students in Reading who may need additional help to achieve their aspired GSCE grades in either subject. Happy to take on any level student.

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International Baccalaureate and A level graduate giving maths and physics lessons to all ages in South Wales

My name is Lydia and I have graduated from doing both an International Baccalaureate and A levels. I teach anyone from the beginning of secondary school up to A level in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. If requested I can also teach French, Spanish and GCSE latin.

Saint Helens
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I have 14 years experience as a High school Science teacher (GCSE Physics specialism) and general science up to age 14

My teaching style has always been fun, friendly and I pride myself on being able to make difficult topics accessible to all. I believe success is achievable for every pupil and pursue that goal with them. If a pupil does not understand a topic then I will find another way to make sure they do.

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Chemistry graduate offering clear, logical tutoring up to GCSE Maths and Science

I teach KS1, KS2, KS3, Literacy, Numeracy and GCSE Maths and Science. The subject is explained in a clear, logical and easy to understand manner, to reinforce what the student learnt at school. I prepare beforehand what is going to be covered.

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Graduate Masters Student available to teach KS3 to A level Physics and KS3 to GCSE level Mathematics

I would give lessons to a GCSE level mostly as that is the most comfortable I am without research, however that does not stop me from teaching at a higher level. I often teach in a methodical manner, ensuring I proceed in a step-by-step manner, thoroughly explaining aspects along the way. This way I break down the overall topic in smaller digestible chunks.

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French student in Engineering Physics offering maths, physics and french lessons in Aberystwyth

I approach each topic by helping the student understanding and revising the basics, which can involve his general knowledge related to other modules. Conceptual and objective questions will be here to him having an autonomous approach to the concept. My aim will be to support him throughout this process by helping him and answering his questions. Before moving on some more abstract problems.

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Amasing Physics Tutor devoting all time and experience for your fast sucsess

My teaching method is scientific or classical.I don't explain problems i give lifetime understanding. The first thing to know about me is that i am knowledgable ,experienced ,patient and a good person.

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Professional Hunter of the Invisible (Physicist) with a passion for teaching in Edinburgh

I have always had a passion for science and Physics in particular as it searches for the answers to some of the most fundamental questions of the universe. I have a lot of experience communicating ideas to people of varying levels of physics knowledge.

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Physics teacher offering KS4 Mathematics and KS5 Physics lessons in Luton area

I tutor KS4 Mathematics and KS5 Physics to students that require understanding of key concepts and are then coached to answer questions to the exam board mark scheme. I concentrate on skills that develop strong Mathematical structure and use equations to teach reasoning skills.

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Bath University Undergraduate Student Studying Physics, available for summer tutoring (preferably GCSE or lower)

Hi, my name is David and I am an undergraduate Physics student at the University of Bath. I am on track I believe that the biggest struggle for many students is fully understanding concepts in maths and physics. I think that my calm and friendly manner can create an atmosphere to help children excel.

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Recent Cambridge Natural Sciences graduate, specialised in physics offering maths and physics lessons.

I approach tutoring with a 1,2,3 approach: 1) Introduce new topic and recap any important prior knowledge needed to tackle the new material 2) Explain methods for solving problems by working through key example problems in steps 3) Take a back seat and let the student attempt harder problems providing assistance as required

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1st Class UCL Physics Graduate giving physics and maths lessons up to A-level

My teaching methodology is to not use jargon until I have explained everything in simple terms so that the concept is understood.

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An experienced Physics Teacher (Lower-Higher Secondary, Undergraduate) with QTS. with over ten years of professional experience in Physics Teaching.

Establish organizational goals, performance objectives, guidelines and best practices. Psychosocial, practical and teaching support to children facing difficulties. Assessment of their needs, and continuous every day rearrangement of goals and countenance approaches. • Creating long-lasting trustful relationships with children and the staff. • Excellent inter-personal skills.

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Learn surprisingly truths about science (when, where, how and why it happens)

I am used to start from the background and basic need as it necessary to get the roots first to know the detail about any topic. It creates a good flow to understand any topic more quickly, correctly and accurately.

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Hard-working biology student willing to teach full GCSE courses or speciality subjects

Why choose me? - I do hours of studying in my free time - I'm extremely passionate about what I teach. I'm not just doing this for the money - I'm friendly and easy-going.

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Reccent physics graduate offering physics and maths lessons to school students Belfast

Hi, I am looking to get into tutoring around Belfast in A-level/ GCSE physics or mathematical mechanics for A-level, or CGSE mathematics. I am also open to tutoring younger students. I would wish to follow an exam syllabus to ensure good grades can be achieved, but also focus on ensuring the understanding and consolation of increasingly complex ideas.

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Currently i am a student studying engineering at Indian Institute Of Information Technology Kalyani.I was a curios student in physics from my childhood and intereat grew when i was being coached in Ko

I am a college student at Indian Institute Of Information Technology coached at Kota Rajasthan.I will like to share my knowledge with all my engineering aspirants currently studying in 11 and 12. I want to give knowledge about physics.Its a very simple subject bt first we have to grasp the concept and then go for the numericals.

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Perfect! Michael was very knowledgeable in physics and was able to explain the basics building up to more complexed questions. Really put my son at ease for his exam, thank you.

Lynn, student
8 months ago
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