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Professional Transition tutor

Brilliant, I had a very difficult compliance and governance assignment that I was stuck on. Kate was a brilliant tutor, who helped guide me through it and her brilliant current industry experience helped me tremendously, she really went above and...


Professional Transition tutor

Dylan is a great help, he’s incredibly knowledgable and helped me greatly improve my French business essays. I achieved a high grade. He’s organised, helpful and positive. Highly recommend!

Laura, 6 months ago


Professional Transition tutor

Aadit is very knowledgeable and has great industry experience to offer valuable insights. Very friendly and has structured ways of explaining as well. Thank you!

May, 1 year ago


Professional Transition tutor

Annelise is empathetic, patient and has an ability to help me zone in and focus on what's important. Excited to see how these sessions develop my confidence to express myself.

Dal, 1 year ago


Professional Transition tutor

My one and only session with Jack was both a surprise and a delight. A surprise because I had sought help for what I considered an overly Antipodean accent for my life in England. Jack carefully deconstructed my accent and we both realised that my...

Jenni, 2 years ago


Professional Transition tutor

I had a great experience with Dylan as he was very professional and knowledgable in financial topics specially fixed income in my case. I found him very last minute, but he was very helpful, he explained everything very clearly and he tried to cover...

Diba, 2 years ago


💰What is the average price of Professional Transition lessons?
The average price of Professional Transition  lessons is £18.

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On Superprof, many of our Professional Transition tutors offer online tuition.

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3,852 tutors are currently available to give Professional Transition lessons near you.

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