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Peter - Milton Keynes Centre - Maths

If you are finding Maths a bit tough and need someone to help you to understand it, or maybe you are wanting to do the best you possibly can in your exams, I would love to help. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Maths, Mechanics, Decision and Stats at A level, IB and GCSE as well as Further Maths and adult Numerical Reasoning. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Professional full-time A level Maths and Further Maths tutor based in Cranleigh

I'm a full-time professional maths tutor with thousands of hours of experience of providing effective 1-1 tuition. I have a Cambridge maths degree, an abiding love for maths and a passion to help students enjoy and master maths for themselves! - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach A-level mathematics and further mathematics, including IB and Cambridge Pre-U.

Central Cheltenham
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Jim - Central Cheltenham - Maths

I love mathematics, and I hope that some of my enthusiasm will rub off on you. The more you enjoy the subject the better you'll do, and so the more you'll enjoy it, and so on. There is usually a lot of smiling and even laughter in my lessons. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Mathematics at A level and beyond.


Nikos - Southfields - Maths

Exceptional Mathematician, Physicist, and IT Professional committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with his students. Can prepare for new exam systems in GCSE and A-Levels.I have prepared students for Oxbridge entrance successfully. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Maths, Further Maths, Mechanics, Statistics, Computer Science and Programming (C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, SQL, etc.


Catherine - Brockley - Sixth Term Examination Paper

I'm a passionate and supportive tutor with a PhD in English and six years' tutoring experience. As a lecturer in English at Goldsmiths, UCL and Kingston university, I teach a range of topics. My tutoring centres on the student's specific needs.

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Cambridge Physics/Maths graduate in Surrey offering lessons in Maths, Physics and exam tricks & techniques

My teaching style is founded on four main principles: 1) Confidence is absolutely essential in solving Maths & Physics problems 2) Up to, and including, A-level, Maths and Physics are more of a memory game than anything else; there are very few genuinely unusual questions.

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A Level Maths | A Level Further Maths |GCSE Maths | Maths Tutor East London, Leytonstone

Hi, I am Wei Chen, a master graduate studied Mathematics at UCL. Everyone is different, so should the method of teaching. I know exactly what the students need to achieve their marks. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach A-level maths, maths further, GCSE maths and STEP mathematics. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Maths Graduate from Imperial college with 17 years teaching experience. A level examiner. Proven track record.

I specialise in teaching Maths at GCSE level and A level, as well as some areas of undergraduate Maths. Each student is different, so I try to adapt my teaching style to suit each particular student. Some students this prefer a very flexible approach, whereas others (often younger students) require a curriculum.

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Harvard and Cambridge Graduate - Experienced Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Tutor in Central London

Cambridge & Harvard Graduate. Over six years tutoring experience. Successfully worked with over 150 students. I am a highly experienced science and maths teacher and deliver personalised sessions preparing you for exam success.

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Medical student offering tutoring in Biology, Chemistry and Maths in London, NW10

My teaching method is based around my student. I believe there is not one method that fits all, however I do believe one-one classes are better and I do prefer teaching in person, however I do teach online. I teach with a passion for learning myself and my pace is completely up to that of the student.

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Gap year student offering lessons before starting my course at Cambridge University in 2019. I tutor Maths, Further Maths and Physics up to A-level standard in Bath and Bristol.

I am a flexible and versatile teacher who believes everyone learns differently. I am primarily interested in finding the method that works best for each student. I try to build things up from first principles in my lessons as I have seen this produces a more thorough understanding than just teaching methods.


Maths Tutor Hornchurch |Romford|Upminster

I have been teaching maths since 1987 starting in the private sector. I worked in a state school for eight years teaching from GCSE to A level Further Mathematics. I also helped a number of students with AEA and STEP. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Mathematics from GCSE to A level, AEA and STEP. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Michael - Knebworth - Maths

I am a full time Maths Tutor with experience of teaching all levels and abilities. I always endeavour to get the best results for each and every student. You will find me professional and dedicated, but always understanding and patient. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach A-level, Further Maths and the MAT and STEP University Entrance exams. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Natural Sciences student offering help with Maths, Physics and Chemistry from 11+ to A-level

I offer lessons for 11+ up to A level. I structure my lessons with one half spent developing a firm understanding of the content, and the other spent with targetted practice. This avoids mindless drilling of questions, develops good skills for exams and creates a strong basis for further study.


Philip - Dunfermline - Maths

An experienced Private Tutor, retired Senior Lecturer, Wolverhampton University Formerly at Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities - Which subject(s) do you teach? Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Computer Science, Study Skills - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Cambridge Maths Graduate offering maths lessons for SQA, A-Level, IB and STEP preparation in Edinburgh

My teaching method is individualised and interactive. We can start by finding out where student's strengths and areas of improvement are. From there I would work on improving the confidence and ability of the student in the material through relevant, interesting questions.

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Experienced Maths teacher offering private tuition to KS3, GCSE and A Level students.

I help my students to enhance their exam confidence and perfect areas they might be struggling with, to develop practical examination skills, by working through practice questions and mock exams. This highlights weak areas we go through during tuition sessions.

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Cambridge Maths graduate offering maths lessons up to A-level in South-West london

I believe that lessons need to be tailored to suit a students particular needs, so in the first couple of lessons I try to evaluate the level of the student of what specific topics they need to work on. I regularly go through exam questions so that students are more capable and confident when they take their exam.

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Enthusiastic Scottish Mathematician Encouraging Younger Kids to Love and Learn the Subject

My teaching method depends on the student. I will adapt and plan my lessons around their needs e.g. their pace, knowledge, background etc. I am patient and will find a solution to any problem.

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Imperial postgraduate mathematics student offering online maths tutoring for all. From basic high shool maths to advanced graduate mathematics courses, I can help you understand the material.

I specifically tailor my lessons to my students' individual needs. If your goal is to prepare for an exam, using past papers, I can help you identify the topics that are most probable to come up so that we can spend more time practising those critical points. Even if the material is mainly theoretical I never fail to aid my student understanding with intuitive ways to interpret the theory.

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Maths Tutor: To Functional Skills and GCSE Level: Experience in Alternative learning approaches to Maths

Getting to know the Student well to ensure effective working relationships. Taking every opportunity to praise and develop confidence and self esteem, never giving up on a student. Repeating the message that education provides opportunities for the student and provides a vision and purpose for the future.

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Undergraduate studying Engineering and wishing to help others with Maths and Sciences up to degree level in the Nottingham area.

It's important to always recognize who you're teaching before starting with them (age is an undeniable modifier), with that being said it is good that I have taught different ages so I am adaptable to any child to young adult.

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Tired of all the useless formulae? Suffering from all the crazy numbers? Wanna make a change and turn “Mental Abuse To HumanS” into “Main Amusements To HumanS”? Let me, a Cambridge mathematician help

I believe that interest and dedication is all you need to be good at maths. Therefore, my main focus would be to make sure the student has fully understood every important concept in each topic. Additionally, I would recommend interesting and useful videos or webpages to them.

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Future InFormaticians provide private tutoring in Introduction to Computers, Basic and advance Computer Skills in MS Excel, MS Word,MS Access & MS PowerPoint presention in London

My teaching method is customised around expectations of my students at degree or lower levels. Lessons will be structued around subject areas targeted towards meeting objective of the students. I create relaxed environment that allows the student to focus and share problems.

Lower Largo

I am a qualified and enthusiastic UK teacher who has studied at MIT, Stanford, and Cambridge. I have taught at schools and universities and have many years' experience in the field.

I help my students to become more confident in their subject by showing them how different subjects work together. For example using physics examples to teach mathematics leads to a deeper understanding in both areas. We will look into how discoveries were made to help understand the importance of various ideas.

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Passionate Mathematics student providing careful, reliable and adapted maths tuition in Nottingham

Any professional in the field of mathematics education will tell you that active learning is the most powerful method of learning mathematics, and I incorporate this ideology into my own lessons.

Sloane Square

Max - Sloane Square - Maths

Hello! My name is Max and I've recently graduated from Oxford University with a BA in Mathematics. I achieved high grades at GCSE and A-level, and my high-school experience was relatively recent. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Maths and Music up to A-level including 11+ and 13+ examinations.

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PhD student in Birmingham offering maths tutoring at all levels and admissions test preparation

I tutor maths at any level from High School to University, specialising in mathematical admissions tests and providing a challenge to high ability students. I like to encourage students to try finding their own answers to questions with many hints before I disclose any solutions. I believe that this method of guided discovery allows one to truly understand the concepts at hand.

Otley and Yeadon

Maths tutor based near Otley LS21 LS20 - Cambridge PhD - tutoring A-level, STEP, MAT, university entrance - over 10 years experience teaching maths at Universities of Cambridge and Leeds

I am a researcher with over 10 years experience teaching mathematics at the Universities of Cambridge and Leeds. I tutor maths at A-level and university level. I prefer a relaxed friendly style rather then strict coaching. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach: Mathematics and Further Mathematics (A-Levels) University Mathematics Preparation for University Entrance, e.g. STEP, MAT.

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Mathematics Tuition Online GCSE A LEVEL and STEP Robert Edwards BSc (London) First Class Honours

In 1997 I graduated in mathematics with first class honours from Goldsmith's College London, where I won the third year prize. In 1987 I started teaching mathematics in a private tutorial college where I worked for one year. I have been giving private lessons at home since 1988. In 2017 I completed eight years of teaching GCSE, A level mathematics and further mathematics at a school in Essex.

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Perfect! Daniel makes a great tutor. as he is not only very knowledgeable about his subjects, but also has good ideas for how to help the student with how to learn the information. He covered both topic knowledge as well as exam/learning techniques. From...

Ali, student
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