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Alexa - Epping - Educational Studies

I am a friendly secondary school teacher, I have been qualified for 10 years as a Drama and English teacher, and have held the post of Head of Performing Arts for the past 5 years. I'm passionate about my subject both practical and theory elements. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I specialise in English, Drama, Performing Arts and A level Theatre Studies.

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Linguistics and Educational Studies mentor and tutor, supporting students' success at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Lancaster, North West England and online.

I've been an English language teacher and teacher trainer for 20 years. For the past 14 years, I held the position of Senior Lecturer in TESOL at a British University. I am now self-employed and support the success of home and international students.


Emma - Wollaston - History

My aim is always to build a positive and supportive relationship with students. I develop tutoring programmes with the student so that our work together is clearly focused on areas that they have identified for development. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I have taught History, Psychology, Sociology, English, Geography and RE. I have also tutored for Functional Skills and Study Skills.

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Experienced and qualified teacher offering Geography tuition at GCSE and A level

I work with each individual to find out their aims and their starting points and then draw up an individual action plan to be agreed with the pupil and his/her parents (if applicable). I can put together a series of sessions that work towards a specific examination goal or a series of sessions that develop fieldwork skills and that involve work out in the field.

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Amandip - Singlewell - Educational Studies

The passion for my learners achieving allows me to target and motivate my students to their highest level. I believe teaching is a passion and not just a career. I will deliver and carry out my role with 100% motivation and commitment.

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MA student in Early childhood leadership and practice is offering undergraduates in early childhood studies academic essay writing lessons.

My teaching method is very student orientated. What I mean by this is, I believe the student should be able to lead their own learning and understanding.

Dr bianca

Dr Bianca_ Psychology_Child Development Tuition All Levels Croydon, Beckenham, London, Online Tuition

I am a passionate educator with experience tutoring and teaching from early years through to university level. I am available for one-off sessions, short term bookings and longer bookings as well.

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Third year Education Studies student offering support with Education/Primary Education based degrees

My lessons will be student-led as my aim is to give further knowledge and understanding of the subject to the student. The lessons will focus on the students' particular needs (particular modules that they are struggling with etc). I will use theory and visual understandings to achieve my aims.

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BSc in Psychology, tutoring provided for individuals in Glasgow seeking psychological and/or sociological academic support.

Teaching material will be adapted dependant upon the student's preference of modules and level of interest. Psychology is a board subject and branches into many different sub-categories. Available to teach Biology, Maths and Home Economics A-Level. The key is communication, setting objectives, detailed notes, practice.

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Experienced primary level English and Maths tutor. Offering various approaches to help children progress with confidence.

My teaching method is to tailor my lessons to each child. All children are unique therefore lessons need to be suited to the child. I place great emphasis on reading and from this open up topics such as comprehension and spellings based on our current book. Within maths I place a strong emphasis on basic addition and subtraction from which we can build on to further topics.

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A’level philosophy tutor, focusing on the history of science, ethics, moral, religion

My teaching method is based upon establishing understanding through use of a Socratic method of learning and repetition of relevant examples.

Loretta iola
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Theology student offering studies on all Biblical topics. Get to know God!

My teaching methods varies between taking the Word of God in context and relations and study verse by verse using Scripture to interpret Scripture and also to study it via the different subjects and doctrines, such as Theology (the study of the Trinity), Christology (the study of Christ), Pneumatology (the study on the Holy Spirit), Escatology (the study on the End times), etc.

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Devoted MA Social Research student offering Sociology, Psychology and Education Studies lessons based in Sheffield. I can also help with essay writing, dissertations and research methods!

This comprehensive exposure to all things education enabled to develop a bespoke and personailsed approach to teaching. An approach grounded in inclusive practice, patience and most of all enthusiasm for the subject at hand. This can be evidenced through my recent acceptance into The University of Sheffield studying Social Research MA. A highly demanding postgraduate pathway.

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Wolverhampton Psychology graduate looking to teach psychology and related subjects near you.

My approach to teaching is very person-centred, we will work together to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses of the subject and go from there. once we have that understanding we can tailor each lesson to your specific academic need.

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Head of Psychology and teacher with a MSc in Psychology to tutor students in East Anglia

I take a practical approach to teaching and recognise that different methods suit different students; from building brains to watching videos, every student learns in their own unique way. I have a person-centred approach and use Psychologically driven revision techniques.

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Psychology Graduate/Occupational Therapist offering psychology and sociology tutoring Up to A level

My teaching method is learning things interactively and using knowledge of how memory is acquired to inform practice. I like to make lessons fun and interesting so that learning is made more easy. I am easy going but firm, I expect my students to put in as much effort as I do for session preparation.

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Secondary teacher of Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies // LEEDS // BA (Hons) Theology and Religious Studies, 2.1

My teaching method is experiential. I like to link learning to your experiences to make it real, relatable and memorable. Lessons will include exam practise, lots of discussion and lots of encouragement. I have taught a variety of students from a range of backgrounds so I will be able to tailor the lessons to your needs and desired outcomes.

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Qualified primary school teacher/ filmmaker/ actor/ traveller tutoring all subjects in London

Engagement is key. I make lessons applicable to children's interests and keep things simple yet memorable. Learning must be enjoyable.

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Trainee teacher offering History, Religious studies, Philosophy and Ethics tutoring up to GCSE level

When teaching I try to make my lessons as enjoyable as possible so that my students enjoy the subjects to. When starting a lesson I like to find out what the student already knows and what they would like to know, and build on it using the scheme of work.

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MA Education student offering online Social Science, Humanities and Academic Skills tutoring

I primarily aim my lessons at undergraduate students and prospective undergraduates and therefore my style is less prescriptive. As a student myself, I understand that an hour long session working through tutor-created schemes of work isn't necessarily what is needed. Instead I like to focus on what the student needs and provide them with exercises, ideas or assistance to achieve their goals.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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University student offering lessons regarding Education Degree and/or History to A level standard

I enjoy creating accessible notes in order to make sure that the revision process is as easy as possible. I prefer to make revision and classes more of a relaxed, conversation style class in order to keep the work enjoyable and easy.

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Passionate Youth development tutor, with a PGCE and vast experience in educational settings

I use a wide range of assessment and teaching and learning styles to engage the learner with the content.

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English and History Graduate offering revision packs and online sessions in Belfast

I like to break down a general topic into manageable lessons. Each lesson will explore a particular section of the general topic (Religion in the Medieval Period - Lesson One; Exploring the role of the Church throughout Europe. Lesson Two; Relationship between Church and State etc.

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BA Sociology Graduate available for Sociology, Humanities and English Lit. tuition in Leeds

I have found in my time as a TA that the most effective teaching comes from a personalised approach.

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Highly successful educator and tutor. I will help you be successful and give you confidence to reach your goals. Expert in various subjects including humanities, geography, Theory of Knowledge and his

I will challenge you to develop your own thoughts and ideas through a scaffolded and empathetic approach. Students of mine feel trusted to make mistakes and grow through experience. Lessons will be varied and linked to contemporary ideas and your own experience.

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Education with Psychology student offering Psychology lessons in Poole and Bournemouth area.

My teaching method is practical and engaging. I like to show the students how to do a question and then allow them to have a go at questions. My lesson structure would focus on the topic as a whole e.g. addiction and then we would break these down into possible essay questions and plan answers.

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Brazilian Geography teacher doing his Master offers Geography lessons at home in Glasgow

I am a Geography Teacher from Brazil with several years of training with active methods with teaching. I believe that learner-centred methods are more effective than traditional ones. Therefore, I usually work as a mediator and my students should expect to be engaged with the subject, doing work, performing tasks, carrying out activities and so on.

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Marine Biology student offering media studies and geography lessons in hull .

The reason for choosing media studies as a topic of teaching is due to the fact of achieving an A at A-level which shows i have a great understanding of the topic which i feel would be helpful to someone who may need help being educated on the subject. The reason why i chose to teach geography is due to me studying it as part of my degree at university.

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Masters in Education graduate looking to tutor students up to postgraduate level studying education studies in Yorkshire

A holistic approach which values the knowledge of each individual learner and encouraging students to be active participants in their learning experience

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Mandy - Whitburn - Psychology

To help you accomplish and achieve. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach English Literature (KS3, KS4, KS5 and University level) and Psychology (KS4, KS5 and University level). Alongside my tutoring commitments I also offer a writing, editing and proofreading service. Therefore, I can provide guidance and constructive criticism on your essay, dissertation or thesis.

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Perfect! Paula has so far been an excellent tutor. She has exceeded my expectations, I really wanted my work to be assessed and to receive critical feedback so that I am able to improve on my academic writing and to improve how I write my essay overall. I...

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