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Masters student available to help any students or keen learners in Politics, Security and humanities!

Learning works best when you are engaged and can communicate. I personally have never found learning the most effective when simply learning out of a book. I would like to run Oxbridge style seminars where we can discuss the areas of study you want to learn. As well as this I will provide useful material for you, and we can do a series of assessments and work together to improve your knowledge.

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History graduate (Master of Arts) from the University of St Andrews offering history tuition up to and including university level

Lessons are entirely tailored to the needs of the student and are contingent on their level of study, whether it be for school examinations or university-level assignments.

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MA Graduate offering Film making and Film History Lessons in Peterborough, UK

I like to break things down into steps to make them manageable and useful rather than spout jargon at you. I have been privileged to learn from some of the best out there and would love to pass on that knowledge.

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MA History and Japanese student and experienced tutor in London offering History tutoring

My teaching methodology differs to match the best learning strategy for the individual student or small group. I like a mix of old methods including Socratic questioning and new methods including animation. I am open to the input of the learner.

Whitley Bay
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Neil - Whitley Bay - History

Hello. I am a skills orientated tutor who works diligently on-line and in person to improve my students' chances of success. I look forward to working with you. Neil - Which subject(s) do you teach? I tutor history, writing skills, study skills, politics, US exam and entrance prep, anything requiring critical thinking, reading, or writing skills. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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A level Modern History student looking to help those who do GCSE History.

Mini-tests are very useful for a topic overview, so are he making of mindmaps and linking all the knowledge together I will set them things to watch, looking at sources for the time and linking it back to previous knowledge, looking at the criteria and forming answers based on that.

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History and Political Science Student giving history, politics or psychology lessons in London to A level

- I like to let my students decide the lesson style that suits their own needs best - Based on your feedback and the areas identified that need to be studied, we will then talk through each topic and complete practice questions to check your understanding

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Experienced teacher (currently a Philosophy Masters student) offering English and Humanities classes in London

In my experience, the learning process varies wildly between students. Teaching in schools for young people with special education needs and emotional and behavioural problems taught me how to patiently approach each student according to their own personal needs.

Herne Bay
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Residential Support Worker (autistic young people) and psychology graduate offering online help

Learning should be fun and engaging. I discover what works for each of my students and we run with it together as it is a partnership.

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Academic Ph.D. in Environmental Humanities with over 10 years experience in research/lecturing/tutoring and teaching gives lessons and education support (essay, oral presentation training, powerpoint,

I tailor each lesson to suit the students' level, needs, and requirements. I always assess the student and then build up lessons from their current knowledge.

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Sociological based Tutoring in Hampshire (wide range of associated subjects) by 2nd Year University of Southampton Student.

I aim to teach through grasping the strengths of students and working towards enhancing those and improving weaknesses to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling experience, where I want to build the confidence of the student so they feel they can approach any academic task with belief in themselves and with the ability to do brilliantly.

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A teacher is one who bridges the gap for a student from where he is standing to where he can lead.

My teaching methodology is starting with the basic concepts and then taking the concept to a higher level using analogies and examples to showcase the practical application of the concept while simultaneously keeping the space for doubts clearance.

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Postgraduate history student offering history tutoring in Glasgow up to university level

My teaching method is highly individualized. I start by assessing the skills the the student has already and comparing them to the skills the student needs to have in order to succeed. I then design lessons that will help them gain those skills. I do a lot of hands on work, such as primary sources and writing skills.

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Let us venture down the wonderful and interesting path of learning together. If you have someone who believes in you, you can believe in yourself too.

I approach each topic with my student’s ability and style in mind. I work with them on the lessons they have covered in class and I reaffirm their knowledge with the aid of the course work book and my own resources . The lesson will be structured and tailored to the student’s specific needs . I tutor all ages and levels .

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History Student offering lessons KS3/GCSE/A Level up to University around Nottingham(holidays) and Leicester (term time)

I tend to focus on exam technique and study skills. Making information memorable and accessible to anyone, and making sure that a student knows how to answer an exam question can make any subject 100 times easier. Different techniques work for different students, and I see the importance in being able to adapt to particular needs and attitudes.

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International Relations Graduate offering tutoring in related subjects (i.e security, foreign policy etc) in Brighton

My name is James and I graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelors in International Relations. I love current affairs and stay up to date with the happenings in the world. Whether you need help writing a paper, coming up with a topic, or help with a test, I can help you break down and understand the subject at hand.

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History Graduate in South Wales available to tutor in own home and other areas

I have a flexible approach and believe that tailoring the structure to suit the individual is best. I am friendly and patient and will listen to your needs and decide on a lesson plan to suit.

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My interests span many disciplines, allowing me to see the world through different and exciting lenses.

I would like to approach my classes in a open and textural way. I go wide in order to go narrow, approaching our understanding of a topic in a meta way in order to then focus in on the specifics. This will hopefully provide tutee's with a rich and unique view of the topic at hand.

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Experienced qualified Tutor offering lessons in pass the UK citizenship test, citizenship and history.

I approach each subject alongside the student. Everybody learns differently and I tailor the lessons taking the students needs in to account. Every student is unique. Whatever help you need and however you want it delivered will be prepared specifically for you.

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Psychology student about to enter a Masters in Autism Research, happy to teach psychology up to university level.

As I have lots of experience in different environments with different children and adults, I am very adaptable to the learners preferred method of learning. For this, I have given lectures along with one-on-one support and have worked with groups.

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Social Sciences Graduate (Politics with Economics) available for revision and assistance .

I would look to find the key areas where assistance is needed and find the best ways you learn. From there we can develop a guide to ensure the best results. It is key to understand the person requiring assistance so I promise to listen and work with you.

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Be tutored by a professional psychologist in Counselling, Psychology and Research Methods subjects.

I am not going to do the work for you. My main approach is to encourage the student to construct their own understanding of the subject by breaking that subject down into small bite-size chunks, which, through the use of a mindmap the student then fits together like a jigsaw to construct his/her own understanding/picture.

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GCSE History / General History Tutor - A Grade Student (Specifically AQA Board)

I aim to teach GCSE level students in years ten and eleven, in order to help them understand their subject more and hopefully gain higher grades! In a lesson, I will explain different topics, give students the task to do, send digital notes/helpsheets, explain anything that is not understood and help them to the best of my ability!

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Experienced ex-lawyer / Philosopher/ Researcher of 15+ years offers personal tutoring and teaching

My teaching method vary from student to student, there is a need that the student be comfortable and feels can express the difficulties in best way he or she can to get help. I am open and flexible to the students requirement.

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Psychology student offering psychology and sociology lessons up until A-level in Durham

I approach each topic by going through with the pupil what they're stuck on and what they would like further help with. I then suggest ways of getting over this, such as by offering different methods that may help them to retain their knowledge, sharing notes and other websites they can use in their spare time.

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Sociology graduate offering English Language skills and Humanities general subjects in Bedford

I am able to tutor A-level students and below, my lesson structure will cover what the previous lesson had making sure everything has been understood when time has passed. I prefer to get to know every student one to one making sure i can then change my way of teaching to each individual child.

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Post Graduate student offering lessons in Religious Studies, Citizenship, Law and General Studies.

I base my teaching methods on Lecturing, in order for me to convey relevant information. I appreciate the fact that each individual have specific learning style that allows them to reach their personal best. Therefore my lessons are in audio format for students to listen, written down for my students to make notes. Lecturing prepares my students for further education.

Loretta iola
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Theology student offering studies on all Biblical topics. Get to know God!

My teaching methods varies between taking the Word of God in context and relations and study verse by verse using Scripture to interpret Scripture and also to study it via the different subjects and doctrines, such as Theology (the study of the Trinity), Christology (the study of Christ), Pneumatology (the study on the Holy Spirit), Escatology (the study on the End times), etc.

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Psychology post-graduate offering psychology tutoring, lessons and study aid in the Furness and South Lake District

I can give lessons to students taking psychology or a psychology-related course at A-level/highschool and degree-level. The lesson structure will be somewhat free-form, adapted to the needs of the student and primarily led by their inquiry into the subject, with myself providing support and engagement through information and learning materials.

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Very experienced Teacher of 27 years offering unparalleled one to one tuition.

My teaching method is always different; as I always vary my teaching method and style to meet the specific needs of my students, as each student is different. I have always been described by my students as a very inspirational teacher and tutor; someone who who is very passionate about what they do.

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Perfect! Fiona is an excellent tutor. She is hard working, engaging and patient.

Nicholas , student
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