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I will teach you the way to utilize your body based on my personal understanding of Kung fu. It will be hard and tough and there is no shortcut.

A mixture of physical conditioning and fighting logic. I will not mold you into a certain type of fighter, I will only show you what I know and how to utilize your body to its potential. I will help you find your own fighting style.

1st lesson offered free !

Wing Chun Kung fu Traditional, group/private and children classes available. All empty hand forms weapons forms, wooden dummy and all applications taught Chi Sau combat training emphasised.

Lessons are based on not just the technique and method but very much the application and reality of Traditional Wing Chun. All forms are brought to a realistic application and approach.

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Learn Kali/ Filipino Martials Arts with a fully certified instructor in Berkshire

Training programs consist of a certified syllabus, fitness, crash & tailored made courses subject to availibility, You are entitled to a free taster session at our Slough training group.

West Hollywood
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25 years experience Self protection, martial arts and fitness coaching in Hollywood

I work with peoples strengths to get them where they need to be, I want you to see the results you deserve, I train children, adults, professional athletes and actors, always make it a fun and comfortable process no experience necessary

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JEET KUNE DO Instructor, CSEN (CONI) Certified and in continuous training (since 2009) under the SiFu Enrico Abbruciati School - Original Jeet Kune Do of Rome, gives private lessons

OBJECTIVES: to make the student aware of his / her fighting skills, of the time, of the sacrifices and sweat necessary to really learn, independently ascertaining their growth during the learning path and thus obtaining a good basic or intermediate mastery of their technical skills learned thanks to the principles and techniques of the JKD that will allow him to choose whether to continue with...

New Delhi
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1st lesson offered free !

In this world when everybody is talking about self-defense, let's learn distruction with Elegance.

My Methodology actually changes according to the student i Get. I first hear them, what they are seeking or want to learn. My only goal is to provide my student a sophisticated and simplest way possible to reach their respective goals.

Tavazzano con Villavesco
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Jeet Kune Do Lectures and Personal Training Training Center near Lodi and the province

I am a guy who practices personal defense, in this case Jeet Kune Do, for 5 years now and I am available to share my knowledge with those who are interested in doing the workouts together after learning the basics.

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Instructor with a unique martial arts background and strong vision for self defense

I teach everyone differently based on how they learn best. I teach mostly teens and adults be it in person or online. Here's some of my values: * No rules - What's unique about my self defense course is there's no rules. Everyone is free to do whatever he or she wishes as long as it's practical. I value open-mindedness, complete freedom, creativity, and individuality.

1st lesson offered free !

Hi i am certified instructor in many arts of self defense like JEET KUNE DO kung fu i give lessons on this at your place around Drouin Vic Australia 3818

My teaching philosophy is the original method and concept of JEET KUNE DO and i have also studies in many arts as BRUCE LEE would say to search the arts to see what works i have found lots that do i then apply them to the concept and philosophy of JEET KUNE DO as changing them all to the better way i also have founded my own art of self defense coming from the cornerstone of JEET KUNE DO which...

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Aakar Martial Arts Federation - Rajkot provide different martial arts sports training & give platform different level district to international level to participating in events....

My teaching method is very easy to learn, i start all topic basically to explain with practically & teach very deeply for its importance

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Martial art is the way to know yourself... Don't you wanna be you.

Here you can learn how to defence, attack and always be faithful. ..

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