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Oxford PPE student offering Politics, Philosophy and History - from course content to last-minute brush ups!

My tutoring sessions aim to delve deeper into the content than a school lesson. Rather than simply giving a superficial understanding that only allows students to answer familiar questions, I teach thorough understanding. This gives students the ability to interpret a question and the confidence to write an outstanding answer, as this requires moving beyond what is obviously relevant.

1st lesson offered free !

A teacher is one who bridges the gap for a student from where he is standing to where he can lead.

My teaching methodology is starting with the basic concepts and then taking the concept to a higher level using analogies and examples to showcase the practical application of the concept while simultaneously keeping the space for doubts clearance.

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Religious Studies student passionate about education and willing to help! I teach Undergraduate level religious studies and philosophy as well as core GCSE level subjects and I am an experienced mento

Best example I can give for RE/RS/Philosophy and ethics is to first go over the topic in detail for knowledge, then break the topic down to a few key points like, main idea, founder, quotes and examples. I would then go over how you would approach an exam question on the topic.

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Second year Philosophy student offering Religious Studies and Philosophy lessons in Leeds.

I give laid back but effective tutoring; minimum stress with maximum results. I focus on all examined aspects from quality of written communication, to specific content points. I have sufficient knowledge and background to teach anyone up to a first year degree level of philosophy, religious studies, ethics or theology.

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Oxford Lecturer seeking private students of all levels. Adaptable and student focused.

I am a friendly and adaptable tutor. My aim is understand the needs of my students, as individuals, and therefore I take reflexive approach to teaching. I have had success with students who have been left behind because of personal problems, and also due to poor teaching (which unfortunately is rife across the schooling and university systems).

Hemel Hempstead
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Psychology student hoping to broaden the minds of others while learning herself.

I'm looking to pass on my extensive knowledge of psychology that I have gained through my two years with the Open University ( so far) as well as the additional qualifications I've obtained on the side. Please read about those below.

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Newly Qualified History Teacher based in Hereford - offering History and Classics tutoring up to University Level, as well as English tutoring up to GCSE Level

I believe that most students simply struggle with having the confidence to apply what they know to their work. My method is to give students the guidance towards helpful techniques and structures, then allowing them to practice and develop their knowledge at their own pace. I like to encourage independent learning, and I tailor my support levels to the individual students needs.

Saham Toney
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History, Art History and Music lessons offered up to University level in UK.

I base my classes on the needs on each individual student. We work on text, analysing it piece by piece so it does not become overwhelming. I try to use visual materials if students find it stimulating and easier to grasp.

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Development Practitioner with 6 years experience offering civic education, politics and current affairs lessons online.

My teaching method is interactive and question oriented. I want students to be able to develop a keenness for research based studying, which is key in understanding civic education. I give lessons mainly to under graduate students as well as anyone interested in politics in general.

East Riding of Yorkshire
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Assertive communication and critical thinking, once understood and applied, are life changing skills!

Differences makes us unique, special and difficult - sometimes. We find pleasure in a things that are close to our interest and define them as hobbies. Understanding the motivation behind hobbies, we can frame the new information in an already owned information. This is they way in which I like to communicate with students and learn from them as much as I share.

Greater London
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University student teaches Philosophy and helps sharpen critical thinking and analytical skills

I am a second year university student at UCL, and I am taking an undergraduate degree in Philosophy. I have had four years of experience with Philosophy and my passion for the subject has never dwindled. My goal is to carry across that passion and inspiring people into realizing how important Philosophy really is.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
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University of Oxford student gives history lessons from GCSE to Undergraduate level.

I give lessons from GCSE through to A2 and undergraduate level through testing, debate and discussion following a Oxford style tutorial system which aims to stimulate and to engage. I love to inspire my students, honing their techniques, ideas and passions.

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified and experienced teacher of History with proven track record and great references. Gives History, PSRE and TeFAL lessons to students from Year 7 to A level.

Having worked with a wide range of secondary school students, my teaching method is highly flexible. I gear the style of teaching to the ability and learning style of the student,as well as ensuring we cover both curriculum content and techniques in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

1st lesson offered free !

1st class Sociology Graduate with strong interpersonal skills available for online tutoring.

I am a first class graduate with a BA Honours in Sociology. Willing to tutor varying levels as long as you have an interest in exploring the world around us challenging yourself. Lesson structures will vary dependant on your personal learning needs. As a tutor I will try to adapt my learning techniques to what is best for the student and to help make you feel comfortable to learn.

1st lesson offered free !

Tutor from Bridgend teaching Citizenship, Communication and Numeracy with a focus on History and Politics

My teaching style is supportive and encouraging. My learners say that I build their confidence to help them fill the gaps in their knowledge or raise their self esteem so they can take risks. I have helped many learners prepare for exams and all have gone on to get improved predicted grades.

1st lesson offered free !

Art History and Politics student offering lessons in both subjects in Hampshire

My specialities are Renaissance Italy and Impressionism, however I have a broad knowledge of most periods of art. I teach my lessons by period and theme, for example Gender in Renaissance Italy or Morality in the Dutch Republic. Painting, sculpture and architecture are all touched on during my lessons, in relation to society, literature and historical events of the time.

1st lesson offered free !

Social science graduate and creative gives citizenship tutorials at home or online

In 2015 I graduated from a Sociology degree and more recently I took up a Masters in Contemporary Art. My interests vary and expand across the disciplines. My tutorials would be organized around critical and analytical discussions on themes and subjects of interest to my students that deal with contemporary or classical social debates.

1st lesson offered free !

Post Graduate student in Geography and Management teaches Geography courses at all levels in primary , secondary and undergraduate level in Cardiff

As a development specialist with vast experience in geography and management, I offer lessons to students at all levels from primary to secondary and undergraduate levels I provide learner centred tailor made teaching using theory and practice to the students .

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

It is required the listener fully concentrate, understand, respond and remember what is being said

I'm also a student that just graduated from high school which is the American University of Nigerian Academy.

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Have a wide range of teaching, tutoring, training and facilitation experience inBiology, Pharmacy, International Relations, Arabic and Hebrew. Arabic and Hebrew are mother tongue, I worked for few yea

I believe in customizing the lesson and a lot of out of the box tricks to make it both fun and effective for students to learn Arabic/Hebrew, International Relations, Pharmacy and Biology. Passionate about International Relations and Global Affairs that no mat-ter how hard the subject may seem for you, I'll infect you with my pas-sion and you would enjoy the lesson.

Five Ashes
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Tutor who has completed psychology A Levels, giving lessons to secondary school pupils online.

I completed A Level Psychology and as I enjoyed it, I have done lots of extra study in the subject. I am giving tutoring to secondary school students - GCSE or A Level - to help with their psychology studies. I will be giving tutoring online but I can adapt to the individuals learning methods, whatever they may be.

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Tutor with degrees in History, Religion & Theology, but also coaches in English (writing & oral), Philosophy, and dissertation/thesis support - online or in person in Dorset

I have an undergraduate degree in History, with emphases in international studies and politics, and I have a Masters and Ph.D. in Religion and Theology. I have written dissertations and a PhD thesis, so I am familiar with the research process and can help students with their writing, English skills, argument construction, and managing data.

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An experienced teacher based in Barnstaple with a proven record of academic success

An experienced classroom teacher with a proven record of academic success, my last GCSE group gained 100% A*-C and 62% A*-A, with my A level results being the same. I have been a Senior Examiner for EDEXCEL and AQA for 15 years. I have been teaching for 36 years and consequently have great experience in getting students top grades in their GCSE and A level studies in Philosophy and Ethics.

1st lesson offered free !

Psychologist & Life coach. Particular lessons of psychology, or coaching sessions. Be welcome!

I studied psychology, sociology and Life coaching. I give psychology and sociology lessons to secondary school and adults, and coaching sessions if you need one. I'm available all the time, and my mobile is open to consulting. Feel yourself welcome and don´t hesitate in ask anything! (concealed information) This is my web page.

(3 reviews)
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Journalism, writing for business, writing for the web, PR, general English. Unique results achieved academically and personally.

I have 18 years' experience in tutoring students in writing effectively - whether that is journalism, public relations, writing for a website, creating marketing publications or English for school-level learners; it's all about effective words.


TEACHER Of ENGLISH & BUSINESS COMMUNICATION - 7 *** 7 A / A* PASSES - By Even A Bottom Sets Student - 2017 ! *** 100 % SUCCESS RATE In PERSONAL STATEMENTS - To 23 Aug 2018 ! *** AIM FOR A / A* ONLY !

I teach the UNDERSTANDING BEHIND CONCEPTS and CORRECT, NEAT WAYS TO PRESENT WORK. Since 2004, my students use my EASY CONTINUOUS REVISION Method. I have being helping students write neatly and tidily since 1992 - perfecting their handwriting for exams and their good pleasurE.

1st lesson offered free !

Secondary & F.E. History and Politics Teacher - 10+ Years Exp. - MA Modern History, MA War and Society

I currently hold Qualified Teacher Status and was rated as ‘Outstanding’ at the completion of my induction years. I also hold QTS status at Further Education standard level. I received an ‘Excellent’ rating at the completion of this course and remained at Coleg Sir Gar as a Teacher of History to A/S and A Level standard.

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Strathclyde Politics graduate offering lessons in political science or related subjects in and around Glasgow

In tutoring students, my approach is highly interactive in order to engage the student into a learning environment where they will feel comfortable and relaxed. In doing so, this nourishes a greater desire to learn with the stress removed.

1st lesson offered free !

Flexible and highly motivated qualified teacher offering history and modern studies lessions online

I teach history. For the level(s)primary, secondary, GCSE, as level, a level, BTEC, adult education, undergraduate. I enjoy tutoring of youth and helping them to build confidence in their ability to achieve their objectives, both academically and socially. I always use ICT method in my lessions.

1st lesson offered free !

Philosophy graduate gives lessons in all the Humanities' topics, from Religious education to History to Philosophy, in Glasgow.

My method consists in stimulating the student through the critical thinking. The philosophical method makes possible to approach any topic within Humanities and beyond with a renewed interest. Questioning everything is the key to the more complete understanding. The focus is always on the student's needs and the lessons are every time differently tailored on these necessities.

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