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Learning philosophical reasoning for university students and graduates of any profesional discipline

I am a lecturer in Philosophy currently on my PhD at Lancaster University. From my wealth of experience as a lecturer for more than four years, am sure my student will have the best story to tell in their chosen career.

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Freshly graduated tutor in philosophy. I studied Politics and English at A level and can teach all three and related subjects to students of any capability.

As a young graduate the challenges of education are still fresh in my mind as well as the learning techniques and academic support needed to overcome them. I offer friendly and thorough study guidance for GCSE and A level students and will ensure that you can acquire and develop knowledge of the vital material in your studies.

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Philosophy student offering high quality essay writing and humanities tuition in Manchester

I believe that understanding is more important than knowledge. If you can grasp a concept, then this will facilitate ability to recall the facts where necessary. I am passionate about the subjects I teach and teach in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. But I can also help you to craft answers that satisfy exam requirements and access top marks.

South Croydon
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Cambridge-educated Masters student based in Croydon, offering Religious Studies tutoring throughout London

I can tutor GCSE and A Level in Religious Studies and English. I aim to offer supervision-style teaching in a relaxed but focused atmosphere, taking the form of student-led discussion and debate rather than verbatim note-taking. I offer an initial consultation to discuss specifics aims and approach.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy offers Philosophy lessons in Cornwall and online.

My teaching methodology adapts to what is being taught and to whom. But in most cases I will first provide lesson objectives and a plan/itinerary of how the lesson will proceed. In a class situation, I will usually outline the subject for ten minutes and then set questions for students to respond to in pairs. Thereafter we discuss each pair's answers with the whole class.

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BSc Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method student from the London School of Economics offering to teach Logic

There will be a lot of practice questions where I will give you the opportunity to test yourself. Then, we will go over your answer and correct any potential mistakes that you might have. This will give you more confidence.

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Social and Political Sciences with Philosophy student from the University of York offering tutoring up to university level in Leicester

Having completed a degree I would happily tutor anything up to that level. I would teach in a student led manner, any teaching I give should be supplementary, and therefore I would help with the aspects of any course relating to Social and Political Sciences or Philosophy that students may find difficult.

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Masters student in Political and Legal Theory offering tutoring services for politics and philosophy classes in Coventry

I can offer tutoring services up to the undergraduate level. I believe that the dialectical method is the best way to teach someone. While this does require a reasonable amount of independent work from your end, the benefits are great.

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Politics and International Relations Student offering Politics, Philosophy and Ethics tutoring in Manchester

I approach teaching differently according to the needs of each student. By basing my teaching loosely on the school curriculum, my tutoring works well alongside school lessons. I split up subjects into different topics, and build up each topic before creating a topic review and exploring how topic link up with each other.

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Dealing with the big questions in life. Plus some of the small ones.

My teaching approach would involves a lot of discussion on philosophical questions and thinkers. Normally ending in a back and forth debate to see the arguement from different angles. I am also happy to review work and give feedback on it.

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Predicted 1st class Philosophy Undergraduate with childcare experience looking to tutor in Leeds.

Within Philosophy, I specialise in Aesthetics, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Language, Ethics and Political Philosophy. This has given me a good grounding in tutoring any of the humanities, English Literature and Aesthetic subjects. I am also adept at teaching mathematics and the sciences to a GCSE level.

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Philosophy Tutor in Edinburgh - Philosophy graduate with 6 years of experience in the subject - June / July 2019 only

I find that given the abstract complexity of philosophical doctrines, it is often the failing of many teachers to present a theory and expect the students to immediately understand every nuance and begin tough analysis and evaluation without ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

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Philosophy graduate offering classes in Philosophy up to A Level and History and English up to GCSE

My teaching method is patient and detailed so that the student gets a personalised plan to help achieve their aims. I can give lessons up to University level on essay structure within particularly Philosophy/Religious studies but also up to GCSE history too.

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Philosophy student at University, looking to aid your intellectual growth on things that matter!

I have the ability to help with any level of education and am more than happy to acommodate to your needs. I structure my lessons around the people I meet, however generally I will start with the history of philosophy and work into the modern world.

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Politics student offering politics and philosophy lessons in Exeter up to University level

My main aim as a tutor is first and foremost to give you a general overview of the topic at hand as this makes it far easier to then explore the subtle intricacies and details that are required to gain the top marks

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Recent philosophy graduate with over 5 years teaching experience offering humanities lessons to undergraduate level and maths lessons to GCSE

I give lessons in philosophy and ethics to undergraduate level and other humanities to A-level. I am adept at teaching numerate subjects to GCSE. I approach each student individually by first assessing their level of expertise and organically building understanding through informal yet holistic discourse on the relevant topics.

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Straight As Inquisitive Student in As offering General Knowledge in All Subjects

I'm able to provide general subjects knowledge for students up to A-Level. Students that are aware of their lack of interest in the subjects but still need to do it, or just can't get some parts of the course straight are particularly the students that will do their best with me. I strongly believe "interest" and "logic" are the keys to any success in any subjects.

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Ex philosophy teacher and current masters student, can give lessons in ethics, philosophy and religion.

I am a qualified teacher of ethics, philosophy and religion , looking to give lessons to anyone who would like to learn, develop or revise about any of these subjects. My areas of speciality are: political theory, Sikhism, religious language and existentialism. I also have experience teaching English Literature, History and Geography up to KS4.

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Psychology graduate with degree and continued education in energy healing arts available for teaching grass roots introductions and more

I base my classes on the degree in Psychology. I will speak with the client about what parts they would like to study. It will take the form of a conversation in English speaking Psychology. We can also discuss research in Psychology.

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A dedicated and professional Philosophy graduate with honours, currently studying postgraduate law in Hampshire.

My teaching method begins with my own responsibility to be fully prepared for the session to ensure I am able to teach to a high standard. My process of teaching revolves around student performance, meaning my job is not complete until I am confident the student fully understands the subject matter and can demonstrate their knowledge precisely and effectively at the time of teaching and thereafter.

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Psychology Graduate/Occupational Therapist offering psychology and sociology tutoring Up to A level

My teaching method is learning things interactively and using knowledge of how memory is acquired to inform practice. I like to make lessons fun and interesting so that learning is made more easy. I am easy going but firm, I expect my students to put in as much effort as I do for session preparation.

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BA Philosophy student offering Philosophy and R.E. tutoring in Manchester and online

My teaching methodology involves 1-to-1 support with specific areas of issue, focusing on knowledge retention and exam technique, as well as group sessions focused on specific areas in a more general approach as well as sessions on exam technique. Marking and feedback on exam style questions will also be provided on request.

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Philosophy undergraduate with A Level Philosophy teaching experience offering philosophy lessons in Cardiff

I'm a student looking to earn some extra money by tutoring. This tutoring would be fit around my degree and I am looking for AS/A Level philosophy or religious studies students in need of help or just a bit of extra reading in their studies. I pride myself on being very relaxed and attentive when students have particular difficulties with certain topics.

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Philosophy graduate offering lessons in philosophy, religious education and ethics from GCSE level right through to degree level.

My teaching methodology is mainly focused on PowerPoints with quizzes, worksheets, reading and short essays. This is because this subject focuses on these types of learning. I like to make lessons fun and enjoyable for both the student and the tutor.

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Degree/As Level/ A Level in Philosophy and Religious Studies Based in Oxford

Offering lessons to undergraduate , As and A Level students. Will offer as much help as possible from essay structures, exam preparation techniques. I am passionate about these topics and strive to be part of any help and conversation of any kind when required. My method of teaching focuses on lots of encouragement , being motivator and ensuring throughout I am on your side.

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Sixth Form student giving history and theology tutoring to primary and secondary students in Birmingham

I am a Sixth Form student currently studying A levels in Mathematics, Theology, History and having also completed an Extended Project Qualification in the study of Law. I like to involve my students in activities that best suit their ideal learning methods. I try to appeal to their hobbies and creativity in order for them to become fully immersed in the content.

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Philosophy and English language tutor! (expected) first class philosophy degree; A grade A level in English language. Expertise in philosophy, ethics, social philosophy, metaphysics, English language

I can offer GCSE - Degree level education in philosophy, and GCSE - A level education in English language. I would approach each course flexibly, as I would want to provide students with a workload and style that matches their personal needs. E.g. were a student to want rigorously structured lessons + learning materials, I would cater to this.

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Glasgow Masters in Philosophy Student offering Phantastic Philosophy and Criminally Great Critical Thinking classes

I'm able to give classes to anyone with a willingness to learn, that is striving for a good degree at Undergraduate level, or to further their studies within school. Methodologically speaking, my structures is very loose, as I want to structure the lessons around the student, and not myself.

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Philosophy and History student at university, offering tutoring for up to A Level.

I base my classes on what the student is studying, but also include wider information about the topic to set it in context and give widespread knowledge. Additionally I will go over essay advice and writing styles to suit the topic.

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Hi! I am a Philosophy with Human Rights uni student offering tutoring of all philosophical and religious based subjects such as philosophy, ethics, Religious Studies/ education and also History!

I'm professional in nature, but also believe that it is important to mix up teaching methods as all people learn differently. My plan for first sessions is to work with the student so that we can both find out what works best for them and to address their strength and weaknesses within the subject and to map out a plan for future sessions.

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Perfect! Leo is a really great tutor, who clearly puts in a lot of effort into preparing for each session. He gives amazing feedback for essay writing, and has been really helpful with all aspects of my History A-level. Would highly recommend!!

Carolyn, student
4 months ago

Perfect! Daniel is a fabulous and understanding tutor. I am very ,very pleased with his approach and style of teaching. I would highly recommend Daniel due to his enthusiasm for teaching!!!

Shruti, student
9 months ago

Perfect! I have already had 4 sessions with Robert, and I am quite satisfied on how things have gone so far. Robert has been quite helpful in providing me beforehand with material from his own lectures at the University, and good text references to prepare...

Baltasar, student
10 months ago
(4 reviews)

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