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Expert And Engaging Online Dyscalculia Maths Tutor. Your Child Will Learn in a Supportive and Nurturing Environment.

Your child will receive one hour of Dyscalculia tuition. I tailor the class to your child's needs and I determine this based on their interests, personality, primary mode of learning (kinesthetic, auditory, visual), ability level and emotional state. I provide a supportive and nurturing environment so that children can feel safe and develop or master their love for learning.

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GCSE Art Tuition, A Level Art Tuition, GCSE Photography Tuition, A Level Photography Tuition, in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire - improve your grades, free your creativity, qualified Art Teacher

GCSE and A Level Art and Photography: In a relaxed yet focused atmosphere, I aim to build a good working relationship with you, where we look at what has been going on for you and plan together what we will do in order to help you get the grade you are aiming for.

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Professional learning developer and qualified specialist tutor with over 10 years experience in academic support

I offer tailored, bespoke lessons based on students' individual needs to ensure that they meet the demands of their course of study. These are based upon a individual learning plans that are devised in collaboration with the students, to focus on their identified needs.

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Liverpool Degree student with personal ASD experience offering mentoring to students with ASD.

I offer flexible one-to-one mentoring sessions for students on the spectrum and their families. I aim to help address problems faced by those with ASD with practical solutions based on my own experience and what has worked for previous students.

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Aspergers high school graduate looking to help get others through it too!

my best methods are being an ear for your problems and giving vocal and some academic support for those who struggle with dealing with school I can help you to try and incorporate in classes with methods that were taught to me in high school as well as my own personal coping mechanisms. I can help with self-confidence and try to mingle with the school environment.

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Experienced Special Needs Teacher offering support and tuition, particularly for students with autism

I have an eclectic approach and am a firm believer that one size does not fit all. I work with students to work out the best way to support them, whether that be a very visual approach, or consistent structure, perhaps a sensory diet.....

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SEN basic skills tutor. Promoting potential in every child and young adult. (DBS)

School is not always the best setting for each individual to learn what is most important to their needs, whether it be low level curricular subjects, or basic life skills. I am able to travel in and around North Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire to the location that has the best environment for each student to learn in to ensure they are getting the most out of our sessions.

Central Birmingham
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Jacqueline - Central Birmingham - Support for Students with Autism

I have experience working with children of all abilities. I have acquired various teaching strategies over the years which has increased my ability to help children raise their self esteem and confidence levels in order to progress. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach all the subjects I have indicated above.

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20 years experience working with students who have additional needs tutor in Edinburgh

I like to work with students during the initial meeting which is informal to discuss strengths and any areas they feel that they would like to develop and work on. Each session is prepared in advance at the previous session with the involvement of the student. A lot of the sessions involve visual and interactive work in a relaxed and non formal manner.

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Qualified Special Needs Teacher offering English and Maths tuition Online/ Southern England

I am a qualified Special Educational Needs (SEN) teacher with a PGCE in Primary Education from University of Southampton, specialising in literacy and communication. I have taught students with a range of needs aged 7-14. I believe that students learn best when teaching is exciting, engaging, and adapted to their individual needs and interests.

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Lessons for Special Educational Needs and Extra Support for Children with Learning Difficulties

Having worked in a school for children with a range of SEN, I understand the time and patience needed and how valuable extra support is. Every child is different and learns in a different way. I keep lessons short and concise but regular.

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SEN teacher offering help in Glasgow to anyone who needs it from ages: 3 to 11.

First of all, I like to get to know the person whom I will be helping. I believe the key to success is being comfortable with your surrounding and having the motivation to keep the work going. I like to make everything as fun as possible.

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Highly experienced Special Needs, History and Humanities teacher in London offering differentiated teaching across subjects

My teaching method starts by meeting the young people where they are. I understand each student has a unique starting point and we work from there. I am deeply committed to knowing my students as well as I can in order to ensure an outcome which is tailored to their needs.

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Effective learning for those of us who think differently to reach our potential SPLD ASD

If you engage with me as your tutor you can expect an in depth exploration of how you as an individual can learn most effectively and improve your grades. My students typically raise their grades by 5% and often by 10% I understand frustration and how disabling some learning environments and course structures can be and I know how to tackle these problems.

South Shields
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An experienced SEN worker in final year of degree gives all round support and lessons in the North East

By adopting an individual learner based approach it allows the learner to get the most out of each session. Having clear objectives and interactive lessons mean that the learner knows what they are going to get out of each session and have the opportunity to put some of themselves into every topic.

Amy jo
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A secondary student looking to help people with difficulties in mathematics in West Lothian

I try my best to adapt my teaching strategy to who ever needs my help in order to make the subject easier to grasp. I also personalise the lessons in order to tailor them to the students needs whatever they may be.

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Master SEN - Paisley- M.Ed. TESOL Teacher of Primary Greek Spanish Assistant

I have a Bachelor on Primary Education from University of Athens and a Master on Special Educational Needs from University of East London. Now I will start a Master at UWS. Also i have experience working as a Special Education Assistant with Pupils with Asperger, ADHD, Dyslexia and Leanrning Difficulties.

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Student offering support to students with additional support needs. I am nice.

I like to take my students step by step through what they need to do. I like to explain things to them clearly and reassure them when they are upset or shy or just worried at all. I would like to be able to teach well.

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Experienced primary school teacher specialises in supporting children with ADHD and ASD in Birmingham

My lessons are based around a student's preferred learning style. I explicitly teach emotional literacy and resilience. I explain the principles of Growth Mind set and teach strategies to develop independent self- organisation.

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I am a qualified SENCo offering 1:1 Sessions in English KS3/4/5.

My sessions are personalised depending on the SEN needs of my pupil. I take time to assess and create resources to meet the needs of my learning. I believe in order to teach students with SEN I need to understand their needs and be supportive.


Maths/ English SEN tutor - London - MSc Educational Psychology graduate - six years experience working in schools supporting children with SEN

I am an experienced and enthusiastic SEN and academic tutor, with 6 years' experience working with children and young people in education. I foster an approach centred on developing confidence, self-belief and an autonomous learning style. My tutoring style uses a person centred approach, that enables the student to manage their own learning overtime.


SEN, Autism, Asperger's Tutor abounding with patience, tolerance, fun and compassion

Hi, I’m Pete, and I’m presently working at Birkdale, travelling to sunny Gainsborough for lots of GCSE poetry and prose ( who can tire of one's anthology of poems? Polite answers only, please), teaching Macbeth, IELTS ( there's always IELTS ), City and Guilds and the Weimar with a student from Sheffield High.

Dalgety Bay
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Further Education professional offering tutoring in core skills subjects to National 5 level

My teaching method is student centred, I tailor my teaching delivery to my students needs. I use differentiated instruction to help my students achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Experienced support worker with over 3 years in the field of helping people of all ages with various disabilities complete various skills and work as independently as possible.

I like to try and help wherever possible, and can be available to help over night, early mornings and late evenings as well. I take into account how you can handle and cope with certain things and always let you be in control of what you would like to do/learn.

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Any lesson up to secondry for autism adhd depression dyslexia anxiety mentalhealth

Hello everyone, I'm here to teach you any subject you are wanting or needing to learn. I work up to secondary school level. I definitely do NOT agree with boring! Let me know your subject and disability/mental health and I will not only teach you but support you and help with any tips and tricks to ease your disability or mental health.

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Hi, I'm Dave. I'm a mental & emotional health practitioner with significant experience working with individual's with additional learning needs to fully understand and relate to social and academic ma

My teaching approach is to focus on methods in which the individual understands and relates tongue world around them and the information being shared.

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National 5 studying student gives maths help for pupils needing extra help

hi! Right now I am studying all national 5s at secondary/high school and have just started tutoring. I am a friendly, reliable, patient person and would adapt lessons to soot each child. I mostly work with younger children (primary school ages).

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Hands Up Tuition - English Maths and Dyslexia Support - Karen Shenton (B.A.hons)

I tutor students at all levels in English and Maths. My special area is learning difficulties and I work with student that have a range of barriers to overcome. My focus is to teach students in the style that they learn best. My position of teaching one to one allows me to build personalised learning programmes to facilitate independent learning.

Thames Ditton
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Highly experienced SEN teacher. Specialising in ASD, Dyslexia, Aspergers and much more.

I have 20 years of teaching students with either Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome and more. I am specialised in my methods using a Multi-sensory approach to learning which can even be reached online. I have a 100% success rate for English.

1st lesson offered free !

Expert tutor helping students with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, anxiety or any other issue with their homework in Edinburgh

I don't have a set methodology, it's based fully on the student. I try to figure out if the student learns more by writing, reading or listening and consider what kind of work we have to do together.

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Perfect! Thank you so much, Margo. In the short space of one lesson and a brief chat Ryan has progressed from being almost dejected about reading to actively asking me to let him write the names of things in our environment on little cards as we go about our...

Hilary, student
1 year ago

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