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Specialist dyslexia and special needs tutor offers support with all aspects of learning

I use multi-sensory and interactive teaching methods to help students learn according to their own individual styles. I work 1:1 with students and no two lessons are ever the same. If a student needs help with spelling or reading, I will first find out whether the difficulty is visual or auditory or whether it's a question of having missed out some basic learning foundations.

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Experienced support worker with over 3 years in the field of helping people of all ages with various disabilities complete various skills and work as independently as possible.

I like to try and help wherever possible, and can be available to help over night, early mornings and late evenings as well. I take into account how you can handle and cope with certain things and always let you be in control of what you would like to do/learn.

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Everyone deserves to learn. You can do it with a bit of guidance.

An enthusiastic, approachable teacher from the Litchfield area ready to inspire children/students to be confident in maths. Enabling them to access and pass their maths exams. It's all about resilience and confidence. Let's start learning through videos and diagrams to improve the understanding. Can't isn't an option.

Cotford Saint Luke
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SEMH/Sen Teaching Assistant specialist in dyslexia can teach primary and secondary students in Taunton

Hello. I teach young people who have learning difficulties. Such as ADD, Dyslexic amongst others. I have worked with special needs children and young people for 7 years now. My structure of planning is around the individual and to their level of learning style. Very patient and keeps the structure of the lesson plan and simple.

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Specialist Mathematics Tutor - Over twelve years experience with those who struggle/ have anxiety with maths. 1-2-1 tuition in your own home in the West Midlands

I work on a "find fault and fix" methodology after the learner has completed a Initial and diagnostic assessment. I work with individual learners at their pace, seeking to overcome their "obstacles" to understanding and mastery of mathematics. The learner is at the centre of my approach to teaching/tutoring.

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Qualified Teaching Assistant with over 2 years experience working in a special needs school

I believe that simply with a lot of patience, getting to know the child and taking the time to build a positive relationship as well as using various learning strategies you can support the child to get the most out of their learning.

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ACADEMIC WRITING SUPPORT- I have a Masters in Teaching of Languages but have taught various subjects including BCom, Humanities and Academic Writing. I'm based in Guernsey but can offer online support

I have taught various subjects and feel confident that I can provide guidance and support to students ( degree level) in any field that is NOT scientific or technical. I am very patient and organised and I should be able to support you during day time whenever you do not have any lectures.

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University graduate offering tutoring to those with learning difficulties or autism in Hull

I like to try and make my lessons suited to each individual person and as interactive as possible, through different mediums, writing, drawing, using objects, different methods of technology that works best for the student.

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Health and Social Care student at Arden University. I’ve also studied English language and Literature at A-Level. I tutor people with dyslexia and of a foreign language in the beauty of the English la

I teach by being patient and understanding that everybody learns differently. It’s society that gives us these labels, but we are all just different learns, in our own unique way. I too struggled in school, but I learnt by accepting help.

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I'm a primary teacher with SEN experience offering support and extension lessons for primary pupils

Children learn when they are confident, feel safe and are successful. Most pupils have a one hour lesson, usually given in my home where I provide an environment for children to be effective, enthusiastic learners, preparing for their life in future society.

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Online Support For Learning Disabilities Such As Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD and Autism

I have a relaxed approach which allows you to work at your own pace. I am a Support Worker who has patience and confidence to help you succeed in whatever you are trying to do.

Canvey Island
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LSA offering support for students with SEN over 16 years experience working in primary schools and college.

Each person is individual which means each lesson is individual. Some may be good at reading for example but be poor in comprehension. I've seen this many times and it takes a lot of patience and hard work from the student but they can get there. I need to understand how the individual works and see what support I can give them.

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20 years experience working with students who have additional needs tutor in Edinburgh

I like to work with students during the initial meeting which is informal to discuss strengths and any areas they feel that they would like to develop and work on. Each session is prepared in advance at the previous session with the involvement of the student. A lot of the sessions involve visual and interactive work in a relaxed and non formal manner.

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History graduate with Child Behaviour diploma and qualifications in Autism based in Fife

I base any learning activity completely around the child. It is so important for children on the spectrum to not only learn at their own pace but also feel comfortable in the way that they are learning. I think that fully understanding the parents' concerns and listening to what the child's needs are, are two of the most important ways I can assist in helping them reach their full potential.

Greater London
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Tutor with a Masters in Special Educational Needs supports children with dyslexia, ADHD and autism.

My name is Maria and I have a degree in English Literature and Special Educational Needs.

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Qualified teacher gives maths/English lessons from KS1 to GCSE in Trowbridge area

I have been a qualified teacher since 2006. I am currently working for a charity, supporting children with disabilities to access schools or Further Education at college. Previous to this I was a Year 1 teacher, ICT coordinator and Deputy Child Protection Officer.

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Doctor of Education Offers Special Education Online School Ages 11-19 Years Old. GCSEs, A Levels, Foundation Diploma, Art, Music, Most Academic Subjects

Our teaching is friendly, experienced and professional. We use the latest online classroom technology. Classes are timetabled and structured and are video recorded daily. This means lessons can be watched again and again at any time. This means students need never miss a class or worry that they have forgotten what the teacher said - just watch it again.

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A helping hand for all primary school children across the curriculaand SEND support

As a passionate and enthusiastic individual; I believe I can deliver a wide range of different learning experiences, which are enjoyable but also meet the learning goals. It has always fascinated me how different people learn and develop; making a difference to the learner on their journey through the different educational stages is the most important role I can fulfil.

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Lessons for Special Educational Needs and Extra Support for Children with Learning Difficulties

Having worked in a school for children with a range of SEN, I understand the time and patience needed and how valuable extra support is. Every child is different and learns in a different way. I keep lessons short and concise but regular.

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Friendly Female Environmental Science Student willing to help with Maths/ Science Subjects up to Degree Level

My teaching method is to practice theory with exam style questions after learning the basics, I am patient and empathise when the student is often baffled by the problem. I would be calm and coherent as well as setting out bite sized revision materials, to assist with the continued development.

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Megan Longville experienced dyslexia study skills 1-1 tutor, South Wales and online

I teach study skills 1-1, with methods and strategies that suit the individual needs of each student. I encourage them to reach their full potential by building their academic skills. Every student deserves to achieve to the very best of their ability.

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University Graduate with Social Care and Youth Work qualifications offering academic support in London

My teaching method is clear and I like to establish a good rapport with my students so that we can get the most out of our time together. I like to make lessons fun and engaging! I have experience in working with students up to the end of Secondary level education.

Amy jo
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A secondary student looking to help people with difficulties in mathematics in West Lothian

I try my best to adapt my teaching strategy to who ever needs my help in order to make the subject easier to grasp. I also personalise the lessons in order to tailor them to the students needs whatever they may be.

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Patient and understand help for Autistic children and adults, I will help you learn at your own pace, online.

I have worked with many autistic children and adults and understand that it takes a little more patience and understanding, which some are unwilling to give! I love the English language and also like to help with mathematics, I have time for anyone who needs it. Whatever you need to learn, I will try my best to help.

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Maths Teacher and 2nd Year Undergratuate at University of Southampton studying Maths and Finance

I am a KS3 Maths Teacher at a school and I study Maths and Finance at University of Southampton. At school teach Maths to student who are low achievers and can't grasp concept easily. My teaching style involves basic in depth understanding of concept and building it up with examples.

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Professional teaching assistant with 15 years experience in helping primary children with a variety if learning difficulties in heacham/Hunstanton area Norfolk

Looking to help primary age children .key stage 2 with specific learning needs in maths, English , reading, handwriting . Phonics sounds And to help build their confidence that is needed in the day to day needs if the child.

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Study support mentor in Northeast England for young and old with learning disabilities

I am degree qualified & currently provide support & guidance for students with and without learning disabilities such as Autism, Asperger's and Dyslexia. I also provide a proof reading and advice service for undergraduates.

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I am offering English and History tutoring for students of all ages taking their GCSEs and A levels

I approach each topic with enthusiasm whilst understanding the student's needs and the way in which they learn best. I try to make learning as fun and enjoyable as possible.

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Special Educational Needs Practitioner, offering student educational support and family knowledge & guidance.

My teaching methods cover all areas of learning, to suit the students preferred style learning style: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic (VAK). By adapting my methodology I am able to differentiate each lesson I deliver, which in turn allows to student(s) to reach their full potential.

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Functional Skills, English, maths and employment skills in and around the Durham area

I have a lot of experience working with people aged between 8 - 62, with a variety of abilities and learning styles. I have knowledge of English, maths, sports and employment skills. I use different teaching strategies tailored to each individual learner.

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