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Anna - Hamstreet - Psychology

I have a PhD, MPhil and BSc. I am friendly, encouraging, patient and, most importantly, I know how to impart knowledge. Everyone learns differently so I tailor my services to each individual. Above all, I make learning interesting.

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Emma - Fulham - History

I am a 30 year old female working as a Full Time Private Tutor in London and also run my own business. I have four years of one to one private tutoring experience in London and overseas, accompanying families on trips (Switzerland,France,Hong Kong).

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I teach Psychology and Sociology to GCSE and A Level in Derbyshire. I have a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in the Behavioural Sciences plus a PGCE. I have taught both in the classroom and in the individual setti

I use a variety of teaching methods which involves both the teacher and student centred approach. My role is to involve and engage learners within the classroom environment.I am keen to maintain a topical interest in the subject matter by encouraging studets to discuss relevant issues and to relate the topics to the students experiences.

Chafford Hundred
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Doctoral student in Counselling Psychology offering Psychology/ Philosophy lessons online/ in London

For me, learning is a collaborative process. The teacher does not just 'give' knowledge to students, but the learning happens in the interaction between student and teacher.

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History/Archaeology MA Graduate with international excavation experience offering tutoring lessons in Glasgow

I am an MA graduate offering history, archaeology and anthropology lessons. I have a background in ceramic analysis, varied excavation experience throughout the Mediterranean, and extensive experience in field documentation and finds processing. Currently, I have 2 ongoing roles on international excavation projects.

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PhD student offering archaeology, geography and geology lessons in the North East

I use many case studies and examples to teach key concepts covering many disciplines such as geography, geology, and archaeology. I also like to use visual aids to help students learn and develop. I provide a lesson plan for each lesson tailored to the students' requirements.

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Anthropology PhD student at Oxford for private tutoring, consulting and academic advice

I approach each student's learning individually, making an assessment of the desired outcome of their studies. Lessons might by dynamic or systematic, depending upon preference, but always engaging! I aim to find what is interesting about each topic and how this can be rendered to my student's advantage.

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Secondary & F.E. History and Politics Teacher - 10+ Years Exp. - MA Modern History, MA War and Society

I currently hold Qualified Teacher Status and was rated as ‘Outstanding’ at the completion of my induction years. I also hold QTS status at Further Education standard level. I received an ‘Excellent’ rating at the completion of this course and remained at Coleg Sir Gar as a Teacher of History to A/S and A Level standard.

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Passionate and knowledgeable history graduate in Manchester, looking to help young minds.

Inspire, understand and illuminate. Any kid can learn, any kid can listen but not every teacher can teach. I find it crucial to gain an understanding of the pupil in question, as once you understand them, you can teach them.

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Experienced, qualified teacher offering personalised tutoring in Humanities subjects up to A Level in Southeast London area.

I conduct a Needs Assessment Analysis with tutees to try and gauge their learning styles and previous knowledge. I then approach each topic being taught within the subject area using guided discovery strategies, whereby students not only learn to take responsibility for their own learning, but are simultaneously taught how to learn.

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Archaeology PhD Candidate offering archaeology, anthropology, sociology and community management lessons in London!

My teaching method is to first discover students' interests as well as their unique learning style, and then prepare and adjust the teaching material in a way that best suits the student's way of learning.

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Dr. of Human Geography and experienced tutor and university lecturer offering tuition in Humanities Subjects up to PhD Level (specialising in Human and Cultural Geography, Sociology, Anthropology and

I think lessons should be exciting and engaging and work hard to plan learning activities that will not only help students to make academic progress but also foster enthusiasm for learning. I pay close attention to the different learning styles of students and am well practiced in dynamically assessing and responding to their needs and interests.

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An upcoming MSc graduate with in-depth knowledge of English, Music (flute performance, vocal performance, and basic music theory), Theatre, and Archaeology

I believe that a teacher's method should be flexible and fitting for the student's character and interests. I believe in thinking outside the box to find specific key words and techniques that are engaging, thought-provoking, and able to really make things "click.

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Student at Anglia Ruskin University based in Peterborough with tutoring experience in Sociology/Psychology!

I take a personalised approach to teach, this way I can be assured that you are making the most of the lesson. I rely on feedback on improvements for the next lesson. Subject knowledge will be tested through activities during the lesson and through the end of module test.

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Lecturer in Psychosocial Studies, London: From Academic Skills to Dissertation, I can help you make the grade

I tailor my tutoring to meet your needs, to develop your on strengths, show you how to improve your output in terms of style, structure and content, and to expand your horizon of thought in your critical appraisal of the materials you need to be engaging with.

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Degree qualified Archaeologist, with over 10 years of professional, experience offering specialised tutoring in the York area

I can provide bespoke tutoring for any archaeology (or related subject) student up to degree level. I prefer to structure the lesson to fit the needs of the individual being taught. This enables the student to identify the area/s that they need to concentrate on and maximise the benefit of their lessons.

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Psychology Master's student offering psychology lessons in Glasgow at all levels including GCSE and A-level.

My teaching method is based on my current education. I use learning methods which supported by evidence in cognitive psychology. I expect my students to complete their homework as well as doing required readings which will be short just to have an idea about the topic prior to the lesson.

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Geography student offering lessons in geography or other social sciences along with sport guidance. Offering up to university level in London

My teaching methods are rather straight forward but can change in terms of approach depending on the kinds of help needed, or the level of said tutee.

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Anthropology UCL masters graduate offering anthropology, drawing and painting classes in London, or online. Look forward to meeting you!

I approach my anthropology classes with a mixture of theory and ethnography. We cover: Structuralism Phenomenology Symbolic Anthropology Power Myth the Imaginary Gender Cosmology Nationalism Religion Ritual And more... The content can be very flexible depending on what topics and thinkers you want to learn more about.

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History student offering History lessons up to GCSE level in the Conwy area, North Wales.

When assisting teachers in the classroom I have attempted with great success to engage the students with the Primary and Secondary sources. Through this method they have enjoyed the subject of studying the past, but also appreciate the context in which events occurred through the motives of the people living in the past.

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Professional with BA Hons & MSc - History & Event Management Tuition in Banbury Area. GCSE/AS/A-level & Adult Ed.

Qualifications: MSc in International Management (inc Event Management) and Joint Honours BA in Archaeology and Ancient History. Both from the University of Exeter. Techniques & Methods: It is important to tailor each lesson to the students' needs.

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African historian with a passion for photographic history tutors history and history related subjects in South Norfolk

I assists A-level, undergraduate and adult students in history, anthropology and general knowledge to gain a better understanding of various social and cultural foci by applying a contextual approach to the subjects. I believe in assisting students to find their own method of acquiring and understanding greater knowledge by introducing options that will allow them to study more effectively.

Carlin How
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University of Winchester graduate tutoring in History, Theology and Archaeology - Saltburn-By-The-Sea.

Hello, my name is Mark and I am a graduate from the University of Winchester with a Degree in History, Religion and Theology, and Archaeology. I am also a Research Scholar in International Conflict and Peace Studies with the Carter Centre, specializing in the current Syrian conflict.

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Qualified and experienced English and history secondary teacher gives lessons in Greater Manchester

I am a qualified secondary English and history teacher with five years teaching experience, including as Head of Department. I have a thorough knowledge of new specifications for both subjects across a range of examination boards. I tutor secondary pupils who are wishing to improve in these subjects, including at GCSE level.

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Biological Anthropology PhD student offering Anthropology, Archaeology, Evolutionary Biology lessons in Bristol

I pride myself on the flexible nature of my tutoring: every student is different, and I like to work with them in order to create the lesson, and syllabus, which will allow them to meet their full potential. Some students prefer to focus on subject-specific learning, whilst others feel they need to improve their essay writing, for example. I am harper to offer both these options, and more.

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Social Policy MA Graduate offering tuition in Social & Political Sciences etc. up to and including university level

I approach lessons by finding out, first of all, what level the tutee is at and what aspect of their work they feel is in need of improvement. I then look at past pieces of work and, based on my own observations, and any syllabus on which their studies are based, propose further foci for subsequent lessons.

Greater London
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Social Anthropology Graduate (First Class, Uni of Edinburgh) tutoring English, History & Geography

My approach for each pupil will be guided by their individual needs. Before beginning tutoring I would want to discuss learning and outcome goals, and also look over any feedback received at school, so I know where the pupil's strengths and weaknesses are. I love every subject I am signed up to tutor in, and I think a key 'method' of mine is simply to pass on that enthusiasm.

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A level Sociology tutor Bradford/Leeds. 16 years as a teacher and examiner

I encourage students to engage with the subject by debate and verbal expression. Using contemporary examples helps students apply their theory and knowledge to real life situations. Making learning fun is crucial to encourage students to engage with their learning.

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Cambridge Sociology student offering Sociology (A level), English and Biology (GCSE) lessons in Cambridge

About me: I give lessons to secondary and sixth form students. I tutor Biology and English to GCSE, and Sociology to A Level. I am a friendly Welsh finalist at Cambridge university studying Human, Social and Political Sciences and specialising in Sociology. I come from a small town called Hay-on-Wye in rural Wales. Alongside my studies, I like to rock climb and play netball.

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Humanities Tutoring in and around Coventry (From a recent BA Hons Sociology Graduate)

Learning in any capacity can be hard, its often difficult to grasp concepts, motivate yourself and bring everything together in the end to succeed. That's why I take a person centred approach, we go from where you're at. I help you to get your head round what you can't understand and to feel more confident going into exams and assignments.

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