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History student at University of Oxford offering history lessons in Cambridge for GCSE or A Level.

My preferred method of teaching is one on one, this way giving undivided attention to a student. Approaching the course topic by topic, providing feedback on essays, either in person or through online comments, regarding both content and structure. Group classes are also a service offered, allowing students to not only learn from the tutor but also one-another.

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History and Archaeology student offering tutoring in both fields, as well as related humanities chat!

As a student I am aware that sometimes classes can be out of touch so I attempt to make my lessons relative to the individual's understanding, current affairs and popular culture. I use visual aids such as images and colour to help students remember topics, as well as inputting a creative edge with worksheets.

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American in Glasgow with a background in history, including military and American

With degrees in history, specializing in military and American history as well as Conflict Archaeology & Heritage, I have extensive experience in the academic world. I have tutored people of various ages and pursuing different types of degrees. The way in which I tutor is entirely dependent on the person I am tutoring. After all, everyone learns differently.

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Approachable and Enthusiastic Archaeologist and Educator with PhD and Qualified Teacher Status gives lessons in Archaeology, Ancient History and Classical Civilisation in and around the Peak District

I teach Archaeology, Ancient History and Classical Civilisation to GCSE, A-Level and undergraduate students. I am also happy to teach younger children and adults who have an interest in these subjects but are not necessarily studying for a particular qualification.

Olivia blythe
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PhD student in Medieval Military History, tutors in history, writing and research methodology at home

Hello! My name is Blythe, I am an American PhD student studying at the University of Glasgow. I did my BA in the US in general history with a minor in education, which gives me both teaching experience and a broad background as I have done basic maths, science, psychology, sociology, and English lit.

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Archaeology graduate with an enthusiastic and innovative approach to teaching with first-hand experience of archaeological digs and world heritage sites. Very passionate about sharing my love of histo

I am a great believer in tailoring my teaching methods to my specific students. As Einstein once said, "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking its stupid." I am currently working mainly at KS3 level in a variety of core subjects, however I myself have studied up to degree level and will be starting my PGCE in September 2017.

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PhD Candidate in Nottingham, I can teach Archaeology as well as general studies, I am especially good with those who are dyslexic

I always start my teaching by listening to my pupils, every person has a different reason for wanting a tutor and I have found that a 'one size fits all' approach does not help anyone to achieve their goals. I can tutor up to degree level, but equally, I am comfortable helping those who are complete beginners.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Russel Group archaeology graduate offering history and archaeology tutoring in Newcastle Upon Tyne

I believe tailoring my teaching to the needs of the individual is extremely important in learning. It would be incredibly useful, then, to have a session where I can understand what kind of learner the individual is (visual, auditory or practical) so that I may then plan each teaching session using techniques I know works for that type of learner.

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Archaeology PhD Candidate offering archaeology, anthropology, sociology and community management lessons in London!

My teaching method is to first discover students' interests as well as their unique learning style, and then prepare and adjust the teaching material in a way that best suits the student's way of learning.

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Postdoc academic historian: specialism in Classics, History, Ancient History, Philosophy, Ethics, Morality

I am a flexible teacher. I use lectures and seminars, as well as group work-shops, to explore issues. I have a methodological approach, and I build each session on the personal development of my students.

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An upcoming MSc graduate with in-depth knowledge of English, Music (flute performance, vocal performance, and basic music theory), Theatre, and Archaeology

I believe that a teacher's method should be flexible and fitting for the student's character and interests. I believe in thinking outside the box to find specific key words and techniques that are engaging, thought-provoking, and able to really make things "click.

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Glasgow University History student able to tutor students up to Advanced Higher level

I will be able to give lessons to both pupils in Primary and Secondary education up to GCSE level. I believe practice makes perfect so once the basic skills are in mind we will start applying these methods into skills that will be useful for tests and exams.

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Professional with BA Hons & MSc - History & Event Management Tuition in Banbury Area. GCSE/AS/A-level & Adult Ed.

Qualifications: MSc in International Management (inc Event Management) and Joint Honours BA in Archaeology and Ancient History. Both from the University of Exeter. Techniques & Methods: It is important to tailor each lesson to the students' needs.

1st lesson offered free !

1st Year Undergraduate in History&Archaeology BA, do all up to A Level

Hello! I am at Newcastle University studying History and Archaeology and in my first year. I do all levels up to A Level. I learn visually so I like to set out mind maps with bright colours and draw diagrams to help process the information. I am a very friendly and patient individual. Furthermore, I don't mind going over things if you don't understand them the first time.

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Enthusiastic History, Archaeology & English Tutor. Conwy County. Archaeology Master's Degree & Undergraduate History with Archaeolgoy BA (Hons)

I am a hardworking, resourceful, friendly and patient recent university graduate, who has just completed my Marts degree in Archaeology at Bangor University. Previously, I studied BA History with Archaeology at Undergraduate Degree level from 2013 to 2016 before changing to the Undergraduate Master’s Degree at the end of my third year.

Carlin How
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University of Winchester graduate tutoring in History, Theology and Archaeology - Saltburn-By-The-Sea.

Hello, my name is Mark and I am a graduate from the University of Winchester with a Degree in History, Religion and Theology, and Archaeology. I am also a Research Scholar in International Conflict and Peace Studies with the Carter Centre, specializing in the current Syrian conflict.

Lytham Saint Annes
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History of Art with socio political ramifications, specialised in late 19th and early 20th Century

Depends what you want or need to know, would be tailored to requirement with a mini project type outcome. Discussion about individuals, movements, reasoning along with world view and other factors that could determine direction.

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Teacher of History, Geography and Social Sciences in general. I can help you with your goals.

Learning based on projects. All the knowledge starts from a deep question and explanation of the key terms. In this sense, the student, with the help of the teacher, tries to find out the way to answering the question. During this process, s/he is supported all time for the teacher in order to solve together the why, who, where, when, how of the main question.

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Forensic archaeology student offering history, classics and modern studies lessons in or around Exeter.

During an initial free session I will work out the needs of my tutee, these could be for instance identifying areas where their understanding of topic areas could be increased or improving their skills at answering questions during exams. From there I will create an individually tailored lesson plan to work to the needs of the tutee.

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Passionate tutor here to help you! - PhD candidate, History and Archaeology - Richmond-Upon-Thames

I tend to adjust and tailor a lesson depending on the individual need of a person. Usually, I listen to what a student needs to cover or is interested in learning, and then I decide how we can do it together. Most importantly, I ask the student the best way in which she/he learns, so we can work in a better way for him/her. My philosophy is: "it is all about the student, not me".

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MA Graduate offering tutoring in archaeology and related fields up to undergraduate level

I aim to provide students with the skills they need to both succeed in an academic context, and develop their own ideas and interests. My teaching is heavily based on the needs and aims of the student. I therefore develop the lessons and course structure in conjunction with the student.

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A History Tutor specialising in pre-1250 Medieval Britain. Teaching in Nottinhamshire. BA/MA.

Lessons will consist of short F2F lectures online and then Q+A sessions, followed by set work and reading. As a minimum I expect half an hour lecture time per week and all set work/reading/research will be dependent on the level the student can commit to. My methodology is to treat you, the student, as an adult and independent learning will be expected alongside my tutorship.

Greater London
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Inspiring, dedicated and enthusiastic Archaeology/History tutor. Helping you to reach your full potential.

Hi there! My name is Alexandra and I am a 23 year old Masters student at UCL studying MA Mediterranean Archaeology. I am proficient in tutoring Ancient History, Modern History, Classics, Anthropology and of course Archaeology. I am also available for tutoring in English and Science (specifically biology). My expertise also involves exam preparation, revision techniques and essay writing skills.

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BA History Graduate offering history tutoring up to an undergraduate level in Sheffield

A First Class Honours History graduate offering support for essay writing and research project design. I emphasise a systematic approach to research questions and essay writing to encourage a concise and direct writing style that gets the best grades. I aim to teach students to ask the right questions that allow for the best answers, and the best grades.

North Anston
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Qualified and experienced teacher wanting to teach history, classics and exam skills

I like embedding study skills in lessons so that students become more independent and understand exactly how to study. I also believe that learning requires more than reading and memorisation, so I try different tailored approaches to learning dependent on the student.

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25 year old history graduate offering lessons in history and geography in Dundee.

When it comes to teaching methods I believe in a student-centered approach and cooperative learning alongside with a high tech approach to learning, making the subject fun and entertaining , because that's when you learn the most. This is why I'm fond of using game based learning as well where I challenge my students to point out historical inaccuracies in popular media for example.

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Ancient History Graduate offering lessons for all ages on all history for all ages. With a special knowledge of Modern history (1900 - 2000 C.E.) and Ancient History (1000 B.C.E - 700 C.E). Based out

I can target lessons for an age and any difficulty as long as I am given the relevant information beforehand. If wanted I can provide task sheets both for personal study and study alongside myself. Otherwise I am very flexible and will cater to whatever is required in order for you to gain the knowledge you require.

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Having the Bachelor Degree of Education inHistory teacher by professional with full experience in teaching

By names 'am Antidius Abel a History teacher from United republic of Tanzania having a bachelor degree of education in History. I have tought various schools also I was asisting my lecturer to supervise also to give lesson to the 1st and 2nd year students.

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Archaeology student willing to help with history and sociology classes in Inverness

I will approach each of my students individually, we can figure out together which method works best for you, so that you receive the best grades in school as possible. I am very flexible and will try my best to help you.

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Friendly Tutor with a PhD in Archaeology offering lessons in archaeology, anthropology, and more in Aberdeen.

In the past I have primarily taught university level students, but I have assisted in giving lessons to groups of younger students. I have experience delivering tutorials focused on practical research skills to smaller groups of students. This allows for a more personal approach. I also have experience in delivering lectures to larger groups of students or members of the public.

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