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Marine biology masters graduate student In Bristol ready to pass on knowledge!

My 'teaching method' depends heavily on the student, who they are, how confident they are and what they're aiming to learn/struggling to understand. Firstly I want to understand the curriculum that the students themselves are studying at school so I can base my own tutoring to reflect this. I want to make sure each session helps students understand a key element of the topic being studied.

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Marine Biology student at Southampton University offering biology lessons up to A2 level.

At school and university I was always a very visual learner. I learn best using diagrams and images. I also find mini-quizzes and flashcards helpful for memorising phrases and key steps in methods. My lessons will be focused on this style of learning. I will set mini tests and use visual aids to aid memory.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Marine Biology postgrad student offering Biology, Chemistry and Maths lessons in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I believe that it is easier to learn by doing a task rather than reading endless text and I would approach lessons from a practical and applied standpoint. I like to provide a background to a topic and some key concepts then go into practice questions and examples. When providing training in QGIS mapping and similar subjects I have found this approach most successful.

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Oceanography masters graduate offering science tuition and mentoring from KS3 up to undergraduate level. Online or south england based.

I taylor sessions to the needs of my tutees. A typical lesson may include a recap or review exercise, explore and resolve any difficulties the student is facing. For example the student may require help with exam and revision techniques.

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Marine Biology and Oceanography student offering to tutor GCSE and A level Biology and Geography students in Plymouth and online

My teaching method is to first gauge where the student struggles and tackle these areas, whilst still covering topics they don't struggle in, by covering what they know when tackling what they don't, the student remains confident. Lack of confidence is often the reason why many struggle.

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Third- year Zoology undergraduate at the University of Bristol with three years of tutoring experience. I teach GCSE and A-Level Biology for all exam boards.

Before we begin sessions, I will ask you whether you are someone who likes a lot of notes, or whether you prefer more visual information. I have taught many students with different learning preferences, and I am very versatile in my teaching methods. I will also establish what the student needs help in.

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MSc Marine Conservation Student in Aberdeen. Teach Biology at High School and Undergraduate level.

I base my teaching method on the needs of the student as there are many different kinds of learners. Building an interest in the subject the student is struggling with is often a big part of the way I structure my classes. I find students become more confident and willing to learn if they are at least somewhat interested in the topic which is why I will always try to make it a fun class.

West Bromwich
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Biological Sciences graduate offering Biology / Zoology / Geography tutoring in Birmingham up to Degree level

I am happy to provide support to those doing their GCSE's, A-levels, or beginning their biology degree. I also have a background in Geography and so I would be able to involve that if needed. I can break down the subject into easily-digestible chunks and work closely to make sure that the student really understands it, in a lighthearted and friendly environment.

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MSc, BSc offers sessions on complexity theory, sustainability, ecology, reboot of career

My approach is organic. Each student is different. I start by asking many questions and listening carefully.

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Physical Geography and Geology Graduate from the University of Brighton offering private tutoring in Geology/Geography/Environmental Science

I would give lessons up till degree level and my classes are structured by understanding what is the common problem area that you have and working mainly on this. My main aim is to help you in any way possible. If there is a specific way you like to be taught or understand thing clearer with I would accommodate this.

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I am medically trained, offering biology, and multiple sciences lessons up to high school level.

My teaching method is flexible, I believe everyone is capable of learning differently. So I have learned to modify each lesson to every individual.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Marine Biology and Oceanography graduate offering Biology or Environmental tutoring in Newcastle.

My teaching method varies depending on the individual and topic that is being taught. I will first investigate what my tutee knows with questions or even going over previous pieces of work that they have received marks from their school. I will then use a range of tools such as visual diagrams, flash cards, role play and written work to teach my tutee.

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Biologist offering biology lessons up to university standard (GCSE, A Level and Undergrad) in Essex!

I understand that everyone learns differently, so I like to tailor my lessons to how the individual pupil learns best. I teach any level up to undergrad, so it is important to adjust teaching methods depending on the age of the pupil and whether they enjoy/understand the subject.

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BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences student available to teach Biology lessons in Inverness

A student myself, I understand the pressures of meeting deadlines and grades. I take an organised and methodic approach to learning- using mind maps, flashcards and other materials to encourage memory recall.

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Qualified teacher. Bangor/ N. Wales. Offering: Biology, Chemistry, English as a Second Language.

I give lessons to all ages, specialising in ages 11-18. Depending on student needs I am able to prepare more structured lessons tailored to specific needs and goals e.g. exam preparation, or an informal tutoring environment.

Saffron Walden
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Biology Graduate able to Tutor in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and IT in Saffron Walden

Each lesson would depend of the type of student you are. I myself understand that reading from a textbook doesn't work for all students, therefore I would cater my lessons for each student. If you student is creative and would learn through producing something then my lessons can involve that. I often use real world examples in my teaching to maximise student engagement and enjoyment.

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Learn about the beautiful world of gemmology! Expand on your Geo- Science knowledge,learning about rough to polished gemstones

Each individual learns differently ! I believe it’s completely wrong to assume and to treat individuals as one. As a tutor I would like to cover all 3 learning aspects , kinaesthetic , auditory and visual. I am an extremely focused person and would expect my students to be the same, however , no question is stupid in my eyes.

1st lesson offered free !

Hi, I'm an LLM student offering biology classes up to high school in central London .

I believe in interactive teaching method, in which I keep interacting with the students and they are free to ask any question anytime .

1st lesson offered free !

Full time ecologist available to teach terrestrial ecology, freshwater management, surveying skills, management planning. Educated to PhD . Happy to mentor students from GCSE to degree level.

Either out in the field, one to one, in a classroom or by distance learning. Its aimed at what best fits in with the student.I have been asked to explain my methodology but to be honest that is flexible and always led by the needs of the student.

East Molesey
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Surrey/London based Marie Biology graduate offering Biology up to A Level standard, and all core subjects up to Key Stage 4. Good with kids and early years and can offer babysitting and help with home

I approach each topic by using the national curriculum as a guideline to conduct more in depth research on the topics which I then use in my lessons. I look in to different methods of teaching, as oftentimes the method used in school or 6th form is catered to certain types of learning which may not be optimal for the individual.

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THE AUTISTIC EDUCATOR 1. I am an #actuallyautistic teacher with 28 years of experience in many subjects looking to help other Autistics through my deep understanding of the best ways to help. Please h

To be accepting and supportive of my students to help them through the difficulties they face with understanding and DEEP empathy. I have lived it. We are all different but we have many things in common that help me relate to Autistic students in a major way. I REALLY want to help Autistics become the awesome people I know the majority of us are capable of.

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UniSA student gives Biology and Science Lessons for Primary and Secondary School Students in Adelaide

I give attention to individual student and teach from their level. My interactive teaching sessions focus on developing student's thinking and problem-solving skills and step by step approach to reach a solution at the same time where the student finds learning is fun. Student will become more creative and innovative.

East London
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Environmental educator at East London Zoo, to tutor Biology and associated subjects.

My teaching method is through demonstrations, experiments pictures and videos so to inspire the students. I also understand that each individual leaner has their own unique way of understanding the world according to how they have formulated their own opinion of it, and thus have a lot to bring to the table when teaching them about natural sciences.

1st lesson offered free !

Master of Science (focus on conservation genetics of turtles) offers maths, science, english lessons + more

My teaching method is to ignite interest in subjects by using practical analogies, and easy to remember methods and find individual student based ways to motivate to study. My first session would include a time to understand where the issues are and what needs focus, then work with the student to achieve a task. At the end I would get the student to give themselves a task for next lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

Town Planning graduate offering biology and geography classes let me help you work towards good grades

Classes will be based on lectures, assignments, presentations and site visits. Lab experiments may also be conducted to give learner's hands on practicum experience.

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