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Central Liverpool
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Experienced performer and coach offers workshops in performance skills - which happen to be life skills

I design each class to suit the individual needs of the students. My voice and accent coaching is a combination of all methodologies I have studied from world renowned teachers. Acting coaching is grounded in clown training and Shakespeare.

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History of Art Lecturer and Museum Curator offering lessons at any level in London

I have a very personal and goal oriented approach. I begin by learning what the student's needs and interests are and then tailor my teaching for them accordingly. First hand experiences and visits to museums and galleries are my specialty.

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Let us venture down the wonderful and interesting path of learning together. If you have someone who believes in you, you can believe in yourself too.

I approach each topic with my student’s ability and style in mind. I work with them on the lessons they have covered in class and I reaffirm their knowledge with the aid of the course work book and my own resources . The lesson will be structured and tailored to the student’s specific needs . I tutor all ages and levels .

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1st class Media Production final year student offering Media Studies lessons in Bournemouth

My teaching method will work around my understanding of the individual and their needs; lessons would have an equal balance between theoretical and practical elements, as I strongly believe striking this balance this is the key to being a first-class media student.

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UCL History Undergraduate tutoring for History, English Literature and Fine Art in North London

Education is not just about achieving grades, but about bringing out the potential in every individual student. Thus, my classes are tailored to every individual's needs and desires. Typically, I will start with a trial session in order to understand what the student requires from me and what I require from them. We will also look at the exam board and what they require.

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Professional Artist available to give art lessons in a wide array of mediums - spray paint included

I have taught art/painting/graffiti to children from ages 6-17 in schools and art workshops at youth groups around the North East. Emphasis on fun and enjoyment of the activity. I specialize in my own art practice using spray paint combined with oil paints on canvas, usually to exhibit in a gallery.

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Criminal Psychology student in Derby is looking for students who need help with Psychology and other subjects

My teaching method is based on explaining things on examples and do more practice stuff. So for example in English, I was producing a lot of materials to my students. Practice is better then studying and learning things like an poem.

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Creativity is me! Lets explore together the beauty of arts & humanities!

I am a truly enthusiastic individual with a love for students and teaching, diligent and self-motivated. One of my greatest strengths as an educator is inspiring students, increase their motivation and helping them reach their full potentials. I help them grow beyond the evaluation process to become successful in both education and life, while maintaining a warm and creative approach.

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London-based ex-banker PhD graduate with expertise in disciplines from physics to finance

I have developed an all-encompassing method which establishes connections between different disciplines with the aim of stimulating the student's interest in finding common themes. Even in the most abstract topics I ensure that the practical application is always clear to the student. Depending on the student's need and interests I deploy a different degree of detail during the classes.

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Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanties educator. Visual communication and theory based in Manchester

Time in academia has strongly influenced how I envision my career, becoming particularly interested in peer-to-peer learning, action learning, collaborative thinking in an creative environment, and the teaching of interdisciplinary artists. Assisting another to fulfil themselves to the best of their ability gives me profound job satisfaction.

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Geography is ever-changing that's why we need to keep learning it.

my teaching method is a little bit as a time, because if children are given too much information at once then they will not retain it as much as learning each topic like the water cycle a bit by bit.

Gayton le Marsh
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Working multimedia Journalist (Radio, TV & Print) offering industry knowledge with media law

My teaching method will be adapted to your specific needs and requirements as well as pace of learning. I base my lessons on direct experiences gained from work at local newspapers, local TV and national radio, including BBC Radio 5 Live. All content will be tailored to each individual student.

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Philosophy PhD, published author and qualified teacher offering online tutoring (all levels).

I teach via telephone and/or email (I don't do webcam, though it may be possible to use Skype or something similar with audio only). I prefer email support, as it allows the student to ask short questions as and when needed throughout the week (and not just during a one-to-one session). This is also charged by the hour (according to how long it takes me to respond to written questions).

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Fine Arts graduate offering Art History, Art Specific subjects and English Literature tutoring in and around Guildford

I approach each lesson by assessing who the student is and what their level of understanding of the subject matter is. Once I have an understanding of how to approach the student, I can then alter the lesson to fit their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

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MA Art History student offering tutoring in art history, fine art and textiles in Rugby, Warwickshire

I believe tutoring should be based around the students needs. Information and tutoring should be easily accessible but challenging and above all, tailored to the individual student. My belief is that learning is best accomplished through a combination of individual and tutored learning, so I would provide the basis for individual learning between tutor sessions.

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History Teacher and PhD student offering History and English lessons in Liverpool

I am experienced in teaching at various age ranges and abilities, from secondary school pupils to university students who would like some assistance in developing their skills and knowledge. I believe in an adaptive approach and love utilising modern technology.

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History graduate offering lessons in History, Politics, English Lit, or Classical Civilisations (Brighton or London)

I offer: - History tutoring from GCSE to undergraduate level; - Politics, English Lit, and Classical Civilisations tutoring up to A level; - Essay writing or written exam skills at any level; - Tutoring on creative work (e.g. short fiction, film and theatre scripts, etc). I am based in Brighton, but quite happy to travel to London or nearby (travel expenses may be charged where necessary).

West Wickham
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Grade A Psychology, Art and English Literature student eager to educate in South East London

I have completed one year at university studying Psychology as well as a single foundation year at Kensington and Chelsea Art College. In my everyday work I run recovery courses for adults with mental health problems and learning difficulties which has allowed me to develop a strong sense of compassion and patience in my teaching.

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Graduated with honors in Visual Sciences and Multimedia Production (Degree thesis in History of Cinema) and film critic with already published in curriculum, impart

My teaching methodology is based on the practical sense, being with the audiovisual sector indispensable a direct vision of the study material, I rely a lot on the interaction with the technical means, the vision of clips, the assignment of exercises and a final supervision .

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The WO student who can help you out with languages, philosophy (and a bit of logic), history, social sciences, CKV and art.

Actually, I mainly teach in a way that you like. If you would like me to take the initiative, I think that is great and I will explain everything to you as well as I can, but if you want to learn in a specific way, you can.

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Graduated Artistic Lyceum 92/100 with three-year specialization in visual arts, university study of art history in progress.

My methodology regarding the lessons is to understand the gaps of the student and his strengths in the learning of the subject, to work in this trying to find the most appropriate study method for obtaining excellent results, maximum flexibility in the method and the means of study that will change according to the needs of the student.

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6VWO student from Enschede who would like to teach in History and Social Studies

My method of helping is what you prefer. This may be that we simply follow the textbook and go through everything together, that we practice exercises together or just make exams , in addition I can give you some tips to help you study in general. My lessons are meant for 1 mavo to 5 vwo and all levels and classes in between.

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Doctor Europaeus in Human Sciences offers lectures in humanistic subjects (medium-high school-university), proofs correction and thesis help, help in exams achievements

The teaching method will adapt to individual experiences and needs. It is not possible to establish a priori the most suitable approach. Together with the student / pupils, I will evaluate the learning objectives to be achieved, the expected results will be decided and an ad hoc work plan will be created.

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