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Art of cooking Persian and Turkish cuisines with finest ingredients. Organic and healthy Mediterranean style dishes

I am very easy going, patient, and I can understand the different needs of every individual and find ways to accommodate them. I like an interactive approach. I like to make sure not to move onto next stages without making sure everything is well understood and learnt.

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1st lesson offered free !

I have a passion for making delicious food and experience working in restaurants and cafes.

First lesson we would get to know one and other and I would have the student explain what it is they would like to learn including any specific cuisines or foods. After that you can choose what we cook or I can decide. Cooking is meant to be fun and enjoyable so all of my lessons would be exactly that.

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My ethos has always been on how to help others become more knowledgeable with food and to maximize each ingredients flavor profile, to give you the better understanding of cooking like a chef at home.

I teach very calmly which is very unheard of in the industry for chefs. I’m very patient, and explain every part of the subject in many ways, allowing you to understand fully with what’s happening at every given moment through out the cooking process.

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Cooking lessons taught in London and also online by a med student

I believe that being taugh practically, whether being shown or following yourself, is the only way to make subjects easier than they appear to be.

Kingston upon Thames
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Nutrition Coach offering online guidance on easy and healthy meals to keep you energised

My coaching method is inclusive yet challenging. I believe in maintainable change coming from within the person and therefore I challenge and coach my clients so that we can find the inner motivation that will ensure successful change and maintaining the new lifestyle. I also use NLP techniques in my coaching.

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Breton man living in Cardiff offering cooking lessons for those who want to learn how to cook healthy and tasty food easily. I am glad to transmit it to you.

I work in an interactive way, « organic » I could say, letting you practicing. I want you to feel very soon confident enough to dare creating by yourself when cooking. A question of feeling is cooking. It will seem to you easier and easier and you will be ready to cook for the pleasure of your guests. My way is simple : we decide what to cook together.

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Excellent tips to cooking delicious salads at home, detoxifying drinks, yummy Sandwiches etc etc

I would like my students to gain much knowledge on my topics higher than I have. I believe in doing things practically than just listening to classes, so would appreciate students who are ready to do the practicals with me.

Mill Bank
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Chef with 15 years experience in 'cucina povera' offering lessons in english or italian

I believe you teach through example and learn through experience, my classes are practical we will cook what we decide and any relevant theory,history and traditional application of a recipe will be delivered orally whilst engaged in hands on cooking.For extra depth lessons are available in Italian.

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Award Winning Chef - Learn How to Cook in The Comfort of your Own Home!

I would say I am a leader. My teaching method will exude just that. I like to show my students exactly how things are done whilst talking them through exactly why they are done this way. I am a generally relaxed and friendly gentleman, I do like to keep on top of my students, this way I can make sure they are getting the very best lessons their money can buy.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian Mediterranean + macrobiotic cuisine in Cambridge. Principles of healthy eating and yummy recipes!

Happy to give both theorical and practical lessons in or out of a kitchen. Sessions usually of one/two hours can be for single individuals/groups. All ages welcome, from children to elderly. Science based principles. Material and handouts provided.

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Fermentation expert gives classes in fermented vegetables, kombucha and miso in Geneva

My classes are always divided into two parts: theory and practice. In fermentation, it is very important to understand the process in order to master it and produce delicious products in the best conditions. It is also key to practice with someone experienced to be able to remake alone at home.

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Hospitality professional, certified cook, with 20 years experience and strong grasp of home cooking for 1-6 people.

***Highly adaptable teaching style*** I am able to adapt to meet the requirements of the space and desired cooking methods: electric, induction, gas, raw, etc. Depending on the needs of each person/group I can assist to help achieve the desired outcome.

Tuoro Sul Trasimeno
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Chef of Umbrian / Tuscan origins with decades of experience in high catering offers Italian and Mediterranean cooking lessons

I had a haute cuisine training, starting as a child with the trade. In any case I give freedom to the pupil / pupil to be able to choose what to cook according to their tastes and needs. Cooking is also fun! I will be at your disposal, with patience we will achieve excellent results to amaze friends and friends and reproduce the best dishes of Italian cuisine.

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Take care of yourself? to feed family? know more about sustainable food? how do I eat healthy? Cook with Suus

My method is simple: first explain product and what we are going to do, and the student makes the dish for himself. The types of dishes depend on what the student wants to learn. I like to teach by cooking together.

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Healthy Cooking Classes and Recipes (general, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free and EASY!)

My teaching methodology is that YOU should believe in what you do! This is where you find your niche (in my opinion). My food techniques are for everyone, beginner or intermediate, young or adult. I love recipes made from scratch, with high-quality ingredients, As a tutor, I just want to share my knowledge, passion and appreciation food whole, and healthy food with other foodies.

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Young Man Au pair on Saint-Martin de Belleville gives free gluten and vegetarian cooking classes . Cooking training in the best school in Belgium.

Hello, My name is Xavier, 21 years, and I arrived as a young man Aupair in Saint-Martin de Belleville. I followed a comprehensive Cooking training in the best school in Belgium. Being afflicted with Celiac disease (free gluten-No more contagious) I became more interested in the gluten-free cooking and have some experience.

1st lesson offered free !

Vegan for more than 5 years teaches tasty, creative and nutritious vegan dishes

The classes are theoretical and practical talking about ways of preparing food, how to prepare dishes that are rich in nutrients, ways to substitute ingredients such as egg, milk or meat, ways to prepare favorite dishes making them vegan.

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Viticulture Oenology classes and courses /Profesionnal wine tasting with a french sommelier

Hello, My name is Thibaud and thank you for looking at my ad. Wine professional with 10 years of presence in the wine industry in France and abroad, I built my experience with a solid training (BTS TRADE IN WINE / LICENSE RIGHT TO WORK AND WINE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT) and jobs close to wineries.

Paris 4e
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Healthy vegetable, raw or cooked cuisine with a highly qualified chef with 20 years of experience!

A native of Quebec, Chantale has always been keen to the protection of the environment and ethical practices in the field of agriculture. It has also always prioritized global health. Finally, when she is not teaching, she is cooking. A mother of two, she also designed and operated a few raw and vegan restaurants in Quebec and British Columbia in Canada.

Can Pastilla
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Performing of dramatic arts student teaches vegetarian, vegan, ecological and bio cooking

I treat the subject in a didactic and entertaining way. My classes are aimed at beginners in the world of bio and vegan cooking. I try to make the student feel comfortable and enjoy learning this art, wonderful and necessary for life.

Jean claude
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Chicken with peanut butter inherited from my grandmother with exotic juices and banana

I am chief will. 41 years old, passionate about African cuisine and other flavors of the world. my classes are all around the world, whatever the level. we will learn in the field a traditional cuisine "homemade". the method is to simply use: the hand, the eye, the tongue, and the sense of smell.

Vitória potira
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Cool recipes and own methodology for healthy cooking in a world curitibano

Own methodology. Healthy Cooking for beginners from tests, trials, tastings and a lot of willpower. Currently even in large urban centers many care about the body, and power is a pretty essential part for a balanced life. Let´s enjoy it.

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Learn to cook healthy and delicious international dishes and desserts in Inglés

BCN foodies is a class where you have the opportunity to learn English and cooking new international recipes. In each class you will learn to prepare a dish in English that lasts about one hour and a half. Before starting the class I recommend a quick survey by email to define your interests and allergies.

Rio de Janeiro
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I don't have time for anything! How can I Make a Delicious, Beautiful, Healthy Food Being Practical and Fast?

I seek to work in line with the individual need of each person. After an interview, we can level the classes, set goals, clarify particular restrictions and / or preferences. I go to the student's home, where I see the universe he is in, together we plan how we will work in his kitchen. If it is the student's will, we can restructure and seek tools to improve the kitchen and / or preparation area.

Can Pastilla
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Cooking classes for beginners or new techniques. healthy cooking, sports, etc in Almería

I am a nurse, a university professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences in Almeria, high performance athlete and cooking teacher. I specialize in traditional cuisine and art, I have special skills in baking. If you really want to learn in a fun and professional, I am your teacher.

Paris 18e
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1st lesson offered free !

Authentic passionate, I reveal all my secrets to make you a master of healthy cooking.

For 4 years now, I have been cultivating the healthy universe and have cultivated the foundation and practice of the art of Vegan, Crudivore, Gluten-free and Organic cuisine. I propose to make you discover all the subtleties of this art whatever you are. Neophyte, beginner or confirmed, subdued or simply curious ...

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