A circular sector is the portion of a circle bounded by two radii.

Circular Sector Area

Arc Length

Find the area of a circular sector whose chord is the side of the square inscribed in a circle with a 4 cm radius.

The area of a circular sector of 90° is 4π cm. Find the radius and the length of the circle to which it belongs.

Calculate the area of a circular sector whose chord is the side of an inscribed equilateral triangle in a circle with a 2 cm radius.

The rope that attaches a swing to a tree is 1.8 m long and the maximum difference between trajectories is an angle of 146°. Calculate the maximum distance travelled by the seat of the swing when the swing angle is described as the maximum.

A lighthouse sweeps its light across the horizon of the ocean at an angle of amplitude of 128 degrees. If the maximum range of the beacon is 7 miles, what is the maximum length of the corresponding arc?

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